Life-changing careers in recruitment

Life-changing careers in recruitment.

Are you looking for a career that will enable you to make a real difference?

If so, you could become the newest member of the HRS team. We love working with people who share our core values, which are:
Hyper Recruitment Solutions isn’t just another recruitment agency. Our professional, ethical approach has helped us to develop a truly outstanding reputation—and of course, we take good care of our people. We have even been named ‘Best Company to Work For’ at the REC Awards on multiple occasions!

Frequently Asked Questions

Considering a career with HRS? To help you make up your mind, we’ve answered some common questions about the company and what it’s like to work for us.

What does it take to succeed at HRS?

We are extremely confident that we can provide you with best-in-class training, an amazing support network, and all the tools you’ll need to develop a successful recruitment career with HRS. That said, a successful recruitment career requires drive, ambition, resilience, charisma and a passion to have a positive impact on peoples’ lives. These are attributes we look for during the interview process that come naturally and cannot be taught.

Recruitment is a ‘people business’, so you should have a natural flair for building relationships, being a good team player and standing out for the right reasons. Couple these qualities with a willingness to learn, and we’ll give you every chance you need to be successful.

What sort of work will I be doing?

Recruitment with HRS offers you an opportunity to develop a well-rounded sales and business skillset. You will work closely with clients, candidates and colleagues; strong listening and relationship-building skills will play a key part in your success.

Recruitment is never a role where there is nothing to do. You will:
  • Understand the needs of various businesses
  • Support candidates as they search for their ideal next roles
  • Find opportunities, conduct interviews, and be involved in the full recruitment cycle
Much of your time will involve utilising sales techniques that we teach you—predominantly over the phone, but also in face-to-face meetings. You will also be heavily involved in the analytical review of job descriptions and using researching, networking, customer service and probing skills to identify the best talent for the opportunities you are working on.

What’s the atmosphere like in the workplace?

A professional yet vibrant and fun office environment that promotes diversity and inclusion!

By utilising our contemporary open-plan office spaces, supplying modern tech equipment to assist with our day-to-day roles, and promoting team-bonding and wellness through a series of planned engagement activities (both in and out of working hours), we work hard to ensure that we engage all HRS employees on both a professional and social level. In November 2022, for the third time, we were voted ‘Best Small Company to Work For’ at the REC Recruiter Awards.

Will I get promoted if I do well?

Absolutely! We reward and acknowledge success and hard work—not just through financial incentives (commissions, bonuses, etc.) but through promotions and giving you opportunities to take on more responsibility.

When you join HRS, we will put you on a path of development and make you aware of what you’ll need to do in order to get promoted. Upon progressing to Senior Consultant, you can choose between a career in people management (leading a team) or a more client-focused career path depending on what you are keen to pursue.

Eight Reasons to Work for HRS

1. We’ll give you the opportunity build a successful career

If you’re anything like us, you don’t just want a job—a daily grind that just about pays the bills—you want a career. Once you’ve settled into your new role at HRS, you will have lots of opportunities to excel and earn yourself promotion after promotion. Your achievements will carry you up the ladder from the rank of trainee to fully-fledged recruitment professional. Eventually, you could end up in charge of a whole team!
We’ll give you the opportunity build a successful career
We recognise and reward good work

2. We recognise and reward good work.

Hard work never goes unacknowledged at Hyper Recruitment Solutions. Not only will you receive a generous salary and plenty of chances for career progression, you will have the opportunity to win prizes at our annual HRS Awards night. There’s also the Million Pound Club for our highest achievers.

3. We understand the importance of a good work-life balance.

We take mental health seriously—if you do join the HRS team, we want your working hours to be part of a happy and fulfilling life that you genuinely enjoy. We run all sorts of different initiatives to help our people stay physically and mentally well, including sports teams, a running club, a book club, and regular yoga sessions. We also have a trained Mental Health First Aider on the payroll, so there will always be someone here to help you if you’re struggling.
We understand the importance of a good work-life balance
We win awards!

4. We win awards!

HRS enjoys a fantastic reputation, and we have repeatedly been nominated for—and won—major recruitment awards. Among other accolades, we’ve been named ‘Best Company to Work For’ and several members of the HRS team have been singled out by the REC Awards, a yearly celebration of the UK recruitment industry’s best talent.

5. We do what we can to help others.

Here at HRS, we try to use our privileged position to do real good in the community. Making the world a better place is one of our core goals; sometimes that means helping a talented science graduate to find a role that will lead to the creation of a new life-saving medication, and sometimes that means raising money for charity or helping out a food bank. We do it all!
We do what we can to help others
We’ve built a workplace that works

6. We’ve built a workplace that works.

A toxic workplace can turn your dream job into a living nightmare. We do everything we can to give our people a nice place to work—a place where stress, distractions and office politics are kept to a minimum so that everyone can focus on doing their very best. Of course, we also find plenty of time to enjoy ourselves, and you’re sure to make lots of good friends as you get to grips with your new role.

7. We’re ethical and highly compliant.

Unlike some recruitment companies, we strive to be ethical and highly compliant in all matters. If you're looking for an employer you can trust, look no further - we hold REC accreditation and we work hard to keep up with all the latest standards and legislation. We are also dedicated to improving equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in our industry.
We’re ethical and highly compliant
We offer our employees a wide variety of perks and benefits

8. We offer our employees a wide variety of perks and benefits.

Being a member of the HRS team comes with all sorts of advantages. We organise regular events, outings and giveaways for our staff, meaning there’s always something to look forward to—plus you’ll get plenty of holiday time, enhanced maternity / paternity leave, pension options, and best of all, an employer who’s always got your back.

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