Kinomica is a data science and diagnostics company that specialises in proteomics and cell signalling. Instead of using gene expression, their method is to measure the phosphorylation signature of proteins, resulting in a direct snapshot of protein and cell-signalling activity. Kinomica’s founders were responsible for the development of KScan™, a phosphoproteomics platform that is capable of predicting with unparalleled accuracy how patients will respond to targeted therapies.

Kinomica in their own words

“Kinomica is a pioneering precision medicine research and diagnostics company specialising in cell signalling with an interdisciplinary phosphoproteomics platform that combines LC-MS/MS with advanced proprietary bioinformatics to provide bespoke R&D and diagnostic services. Kinomica is privately held and was spun out of the Barts Cancer Institute at Queen Mary University of London in 2016 to build on the work of founders Dr. Pedro Cutillas, Dr. David Britton and colleagues. They recently secured £3.9 million in Series A funding with ambitious plans to grow their world-class team and develop a companion diagnostic. Kinomica has ongoing academic collaborations and commercial agreements with blue-chip pharma companies including AstraZeneca.

“Kinomica's unique platform technology, KScan®, is revolutionising the way that patients will be diagnosed and treated. They harness the power of phospho-proteomics to improve predictions of drug efficacy and patient response to targeted therapies and deliver accurate and reliable biomarkers and molecular diagnostic tools. Kinomica provides bespoke R&D and diagnostic services to meet specific customer needs and inform diagnostic decision-making. Kinomica’s disruptive technologies promise to transform precision medicine, offering numerous potential future applications.”

KScan® is a powerful suite of advanced proprietary bioinformatics and phosphoproteomics analytical methods that can provide direct activity measurements of multiple endogenous kinases and comprehensive cell signaling network coverage. They also provide bespoke analysis of proteomics and multi-omics datasets which can:

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