A recruitment agency can be a very useful ally to help you find your next job. Whether this is permanent, contract or temporary employment a recruitment agency has access to a broad selection of opportunities. Sometimes this is even with roles which you will not find advertised elsewhere or with a client directly.

Above and beyond offering jobs, a recruitment agency like Hyper Recruitment Solutions can provide:
Advice on specific industry sector or skill set knowledge / trends.
CV, covering letter and application form tips and advice.
Career coaching with real life examples of what and how people have done things before.
Information on interview styles, practice questions and preparation.
Salary benchmarking.
A recruitment agency does not charge for the services above and Hyper Recruitment Solutions are here to provide support and advice without any financial commitment from your side.
HRS Tip Ask your HRS Consultant whatever you want about recruitment. We don’t expect you to know the best way to work with us and no question is too much trouble. We are the experts in recruitment solutions and therefore the only wrong questions are the ones you forget to ask.

Tips for Dealing with Recruitment Agencies

When working with HRS (or any recruitment agency) it is important to maximise your consultant’s expertise and build a healthy working relationship. To do this we recommend that you:
Treat the recruitment agency as if they are a potential employer. This will ensure that the recruitment consultant sees you as being professional and a great representation of their agency. It will also give you good practice when in front of the client.
Ensure you have your consultant’s full contact details and these are saved both on your mobile and online address books.
Provide full contact details including your home address, landline and mobile number, email address and any frequently used social media links.
Provide an up to date CV which includes achievements and information to help you stand out.
When making an application be pro–active. Once you have submitted your CV follow up on it with a call to the consultant handling the requirement.
Maintain regular contact with your consultant and keep them up to date with your requirements (i.e. availability, salary expectations, location searches etc). Responding quickly lets them know that you’re reliable, helps you stand out, and puts you at the front of the queue regarding any new exciting job opportunities.
Blow your own trumpet! Don’t be too shy to let your consultant know exactly what makes you the best person for the job, do everything you can to stand out from the crowd and make yourself memorable.