The science and technology industries are constantly evolving, so temps and contract workers play a crucial role within STEM businesses of all sizes. Here at HRS, we work with some of the UK’s top scientific employers to offer a wide range of temporary science jobs for contractors and consultants.

Contracting has a number of advantages over permanent employment, such as greater flexibility and a wider variety of work. It’s also a great way to gain experience and level up your CV.

An increasing number of organisations rely on temporary workers and contractors to take on extra projects, cope during busy periods, and cover long-term employee absences (e.g. maternity leave).

HRS is one of the most professional and reliable recruitment companies in the scientific sector, and we’ve helped countless contractors to find exciting new opportunities all over the UK. Whether you’re a professional consultant or a temporary worker looking for your next assignment, we’ll enable you to find contract science jobs that suit you.

Contracting through HRS, you will receive...

Choice: We have an extensive portfolio of STEM clients, so whether you are looking for big pharmaceutical / technology companies or small, dynamic start-ups, you will have lots of opportunities to choose from.
Competitive rates: As market and industry specialists, we have an in-depth knowledge of many scientific sectors, putting us in the best position to represent you.
Consulting expertise: From start to finish, our recruitment consultants will help you to find suitable assignments by…
Advising on the types of role, company and industry to which your skills are best suited.Assisting with the presentation of your CV, preparing you for the interview and providing detailed feedback throughout the process.Giving follow-up support once you’ve found a suitable placement.
Timesheet portal: You and your temporary employer will have access to a fully automated, easy-to-use online timesheet system. This reduces paper use and makes the contracting process as hassle-free as possible.

Current Contractors / Temporary Workers

If you are currently on assignment via HRS, this section is for you.

Thank you for putting your confidence in HRS by working with us, and we hope you are happy with our service. Throughout your assignment, please do keep in touch with us and feel free to provide feedback at any time. Below are some links that you find useful during contract jobs:
Timesheet Portal >Please login to the HRS e-timesheet portal to submit timesheets, book holiday and more. We use this system to ensure you get paid on time and in full.
Compliance >This link goes to a neutral vendor – if you are looking for advice on compliance and finding risk management solutions, this is your unbiased destination for support.