Career Progression Roadmap

Whether you’re fresh out of university or an experienced recruitment consultant looking for a new role, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to excel here at Hyper Recruitment Solutions. As you progress up the company hierarchy, we’ll make sure you feel challenged and rewarded every step of the way.

Entry Level Training

Joining the HRS Academy as a graduate gives you the perfect start to your career in recruitment. Our cohorts of graduates are given a fully structured training academy course, aimed at giving a great learning experience.

Our programme has a wealth of content and our in-house instructors, lead by Ben Vicentuan, are knowledgeable and engaging. You will be able to hone new skills, gain insights into the industry, and understand the recruitment process.

Overall, the HRS Graduate Academy gives you a head start in the recruitment industry and will instil confidence that you can succeed with HRS in the long term.

Experienced Hires

For experienced hires who join HRS, we have several measures in place to ensure continual skills development. As members of the Elite Leaders programme, we can offer those looking to manage their own teams a training opportunity independent of HRS which develops leadership and management skills.

For those earlier in their development, we run our own Future Leaders programme which aims to get consultants on the development track.

Management Development

It is important to us here at HRS that we are committed to the personal development of all our staff. Our management team comprises not only individuals who have been part of the Recruitment & Employment Confederation training programme but also those who regularly upskill within their own fields of expertise. This attitude towards development ensures we have a management team trained in the latest skills and techniques.

Support Function

The members of our support function are at the top of their respective fields. They all have the required experience in the recruitment industry to support the growth and success of HRS. As a business, we ensure that our support function have a clearly mapped-out personal development plan to show our commitment to delivering best-in-class support to the wider business.


We are delighted to have a group of experienced consultants within the business who have come through our training academy. Have a listen to what our staff say about the HRS Academy:

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