Candidate Screening

Hyper Recruitment Solutions (HRS) is fully committed to making sure that any individual / shortlist of candidates which are provided have been engaged with and fully screened. We do not and will not send any potential applicants that have not entered our screening process.

While engaging with any potential candidate we will also uphold our candidate commitment on all occasions. This will ensure you are receiving a true consultative service by HRS which presents only those who are fully aware of your business and your job. In doing so our candidates will be fully aware of how the opportunity relates to their experience and career aspirations, therefore making sure we do not waste your time in any way.
Recruitment company candidate screening

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How we screen our candidates:

1. First stage ‘open’ candidate requirement interview
2. Second stage role specific interview
3. Confirmation interview / acknowledgement
4. HRS will present their fully qualified candidate to your chosen contact

Compliance Checks

A. Requesting eligibility to work and / or security documentation

B. Requesting key referee contact details / approved references for a minimum of two contacts (including their current employer)

C. Requesting key qualification / professional accreditation certificate copies

D. Requesting proof of our candidate’s current address

All of the compliance documentation will be requested upon a candidate’s first introduction to HRS and will be continued to be asked whilst we are supporting their job search / the information is received. Our market leading software is set up to hold all of this information under strict data protection rules which is backed up daily.

We recognise that every client we work with will have their own individual requirements when it comes to pre employment checks. Upon engagement with HRS for recruitment solutions your dedicated consultant will agree a candidate compliance checklist with you. Therefore additional compliance checks can be added to our standards requests.

*Temporary / Contract recruitment solutions- all of the specified documentation will be received and verified before the assignment commences. If some / all of this is required at any other stage of our screening process this can be agreed directly with HRS.

Permanent / Fixed term recruitment solutions - we will endeavour to receive and verify all documentation ready for you.