Clinical Research

Clinical Research is concerned with establishing the safety and efficacy of medicines and devices that are produced for human consumption. In order for a drug to be deemed as being safe for public consumption, it must go through extensive clinical research and pass all phases of clinical trials. Only then can the manufacturer claim that the drug is both a safe and effective treatment for the condition it is intended for.
Clinical Research jobs

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When most people think of clinical research, clinical trials come to mind, however, though a very large aspect; this is only one part of what is meant by clinical research.

Clinical research covers several elements of the drug development life cycle, ranging from the initial lab based research involved in drug design, through to pre-clinical testing on animals, followed by clinical trials on human subjects and beyond into the treatment and aftercare of patients.

A career in clinical trials can be exciting and very diverse, providing good opportunities for science graduates wishing to enter the Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology industry. As well as clinical trials, other areas that fall into the clinical research category include: Some key jobs within clinical research are:
  • Clinical Project Manager (CPM)
  • Clinical Research Associate (CRA)
  • Clinical Trials Administrator (CTA)
  • Clinical Data Management (CDM)
  • Clinical Regulatory Affairs
  • Clinical Quality Auditor
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