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Consumer Insight / Sensory Analysis are two incredibly specialised fields which focus on a detailed understanding of what a customer actually wants in comparison to what consumer products are made. They both provide detailed studies based upon real life research covering both qualitative and quantitative data analysis.
Consumer Insight Sensory jobs

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Both Consumer Insight and Sensory Analysis provide a company the ability to connect between their brand(s) and their customers for both current and future needs (insights).To do so they require panels of human assessors with whom the consumer products are tested.
  • Consumer Insight covers a broad spectrum of ‘insights’ into the whole lifecycle of a consumer product. This will include design, formulation, packaging and the marketing connection between the consumer and the product.
  • Sensory Analysis (sometimes referred to as Sensory Evaluation) is when such statistical analysis / experimental design are in relation to the human senses.
These two niche areas of expertise are essential to a company producing consumer goods and ensure that in an ever evolving world they can stay connected to what their customers actually need. In order to ensure this connection is made then consumer insight / sensory analysis professionals need to be able to be fully back up their marketing claims with real life science and analysis.

Key roles we recruit across for within these areas of expertise:
  • Sensory Scientist
  • Sensory Evaluation Specialist
  • Sensory Analysis Specialist
  • Consumer Insight Manager
  • Consumer Insight Specialist
  • Sensory Scientist
  • Consumer Claims Specialist
  • Marketing Insight Manager
  • Marketing Insight Specialist
We are experienced and have a passion for supporting all areas of Consumer Insight and Sensory Analysis. We welcome anybody interested in exploring new roles in these fields to get in touch to see how we can help you with you next steps.