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Key Industry Sectors

Data and Information Security

Data and Information security has never been a higher priority for organisations with the introduction of GDPR and numerous high profile cybercrime instances in recent years.

We apply technology in almost everything we do in our lives – we use technology at work, and we use it to extract materials and information. We use it for communication, both professionally and socially, we use it for transportation, learning, scaling businesses and so, so much more.

Technology and IT are changing rapidly and with that brings new risk to confidential data both related to individuals and the companies own IP. Furthermore, risks continue to intensify with emerging technologies that provide access to company data, whether residing on remote devices or on the network.

The way an organisation protects their own and others data varies but areas that we can support include:

  • Network Security and compliance
  • CISSP certified professionals
  • Security Management Systems and Audits
GDPR regulations
ISO compliance
SIEM solutions
Security analysis
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