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Data Management Analysis Jobs

We live in a data driven world and HRS are working with our client community to help the Pharmaceutical Industry overcome barriers to innovation through advances in data analytics.

Pharmaceutical and life sciences organisations create huge amounts of data and the opportunities for them to make use of analytics are huge – from analysing patient demographics and medical histories to optimising drug launches, through to identifying physician behaviour and establishing their likelihood to adopt new drugs.

Every area that the life sciences and pharmaceutical industry works in crates data including:- Labs, expertise/research-development, Drug Development, Manufacturing, Marketing, Clinical Trials, Health Care, IOT/Wearables.

Data Management Jobs

Data can be managed, stored and analysed in various software and ways, some of the key areas HRS work in are:

  • Azure
  • Qlikview
  • Tableua
  • Power BI

Data Management Analyst FAQs

What does a data management analyst do?

Data management analysts may be responsible for a range of tasks, including:
  • Collecting, summarising, and analysing data
  • Identifying insights into data
  • Communicating key findings to others
  • Maintaining data collection and tracking of data
  • Utilising specialised software to analyse and interpret data

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