Engineering is a profession that allows you to design, build and produce. Engineering is a broad field that includes working on a range of end products including devices, systems, machines, materials, apparatus, structures, processes, compounds, and more.

Engineering is an age-old discipline which dates back to ancient that requires problem solving and inquisitive thinking skills. An Engineer will apply their knowledge of mathematics, economics, science, and logic to solve problems.

There are various fields of engineering, each with a very specialist and dedicated purpose. HRS are a science & technology dedicated recruitment provider, and as such, we focus our efforts in the engineering divisions across our client base. If you’re looking for a new engineering career, you’re in the right place! Hyper Recruitment Solutions specialise in engineering recruitment, and are dedicated to helping you find the perfect engineering job.

Engineering Jobs

Some of the key engineering jobs we support are:

  • Software Engineer
  • Automation Engineer
  • Controls Engineer
  • Product Technologist
  • Facilities Engineer

Engineering Job FAQs

Why become an engineer?

There is no shortage of reasons to pursue a career as an engineer. For one, engineering is an incredibly rewarding career. If you’re a curious individual who loves problem solving and coming up with creative solutions, engineering could be the perfect career for you!

As an engineer you design and create, whether you’re producing life-saving hospital equipment or developing the latest phone technology, your innovations can literally change the world! And since there are a wide number of different fields so you can find an engineering career aligned with your personal interests.

Do I need an engineering degree to work as an engineer?

Usually, yes, you do need an engineering degree to work in a lot of engineering positions. However, there are some engineering fields you can work in with a qualification in related disciplines such as computer science, maths, or physics.

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