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Engineering is the profession of applying a broad range of technical and social skills along with practical knowledge in order to design, build and produce. This could be for wide range of end products including a device, system, machine, material, apparatus, structure, process, compound etc.
Engineering is an age old discipline which dates back to ancient times and involves a large element of problem solving and inquisitive thinking. An Engineer will apply their knowledge of mathematics, economics, science and of course their logic and knowledge to solve problems. On a large number of occasions they will design and test certain ideas before it moves to a large scale production.

Each area of engineering has a very specialist and dedicated purpose and sometimes acquiring the right talent in the right role can be challenging at best in this sector. As a science & technology dedicated recruitment provider we focus our efforts in the engineering divisions across our client base. We get to know their unique purposes in their particular areas of skill and regulatory compliance thus providing a specialist science & technology engineering capability.

Some of the key jobs in Engineering which we support are:

  • Software Engineer
  • Automation Engineer
  • Controls Engineer
  • Product Technologist
  • Facilities Engineer
A large number of our companies have a keen interest to not just develop their engineering facilities but also improve them. This is why a number of their engineers can take a dedicated path in to continuous improvement / process improvement as to ensure they maintain a competitive edge on their competition.

We are experienced and have a passion for supporting industry specific engineers and would welcome any engineer from a science or technology based company to get in touch to explore how we can help you with you career.

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