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FMCG / Food

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Most FMCG products are viewed to be essential to ensure a good standard of life in the developed world. The list of such goods is pretty extensive but it could include the food and drink which we consume every day as well as the personal care and home care products we use to take pride in our personal and domestic appearances. FMCG generally have a short shelf life and so the margins are generally relatively small and the quantities required quite large.

Although a lot of these goods are used without much thought the science and research & development behind them can be quite thorough and extensive. And with an increased awareness in to sustainability the regulations, packaging, manufacturing and distribution need to be carefully considered. This has made the demands of hiring highly specialised experts in these market places challenging and ever increasing.

Working for an FMCG company can be seen as a good career move, due to the fact that these companies are delivering products that are always in need and are unlikely to take a dip in the market place.

Some key skills sets which we support in this sector include:

We are experienced and have a passion for supporting Food, Drink and FMCG professionals and would welcome anybody interested in exploring new roles in these markets to get in touch to see how we can help you with you next steps.
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