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Most FMCG products are viewed to be essential to ensure a good standard of life in the developed world. FMCG generally have a short shelf life and so the margins are generally relatively small and the quantities required quite large.

Although a lot of these goods are used without much thought, the science and research & development behind them can be quite thorough and extensive. And with an increased awareness in to sustainability the regulations, packaging, manufacturing and distribution need to be carefully considered. This has made the demands of hiring highly specialised experts in these market places challenging and ever increasing.

Some key skill sets which we support in this sector include:

These types of companies can provide a broad range of services, including:


What does FMCG stand for?

FMCG is an abbreviation for fast-moving consumer goods.

What consists as FMCG products?

Common product categories that fall withing the FMCG industry include food, soft drinks, toiletries, and confectionery.

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