Pharmaceutical Jobs

The pharmaceutical industry is a vast and complex sector that develops, produces, and markets licensed products to be used as medication – including drugs, pharmaceuticals, and biopharmaceuticals.
Pharmaceutical jobs in the UK are constantly evolving to meet the market’s demand for new and improved medications and therapies. Jobs in pharma are also subject to strict regulations to ensure that pharmaceutical companies adhere to laws that ensure the safety of their products.

There are many different pharmaceutical careers available within the pharmaceutical industry, making our role as specialist pharmaceutical recruiters more essential than ever.

Find pharmaceutical jobs and start your pharma career with the help of Hyper Recruitment Solutions.

Pharma Jobs

Pharmaceutical Career Options

Find Pharmaceutical Jobs with HRS

Hyper Recruitment Solutions (HRS) is a life science recruitment agency specialising in biotech and pharmaceutical jobs. We are partnered with some of the UK’s top pharma companies – our goal is to change lives by helping these employers find talented candidates for crucial roles.

There are many rewarding career paths available in the UK pharmaceutical industry. If you have the right skill set, qualifications and experience, we can help you to find a job that will enable you to make a real difference.

We recruit for a range of UK pharmaceutical jobs, including:

Clinical Research
Sales & Marketing
We are the pharmaceutical recruitment specialists. If you need help kick-starting your pharma career, enquire today and learn more about how we can assist your job search.

Pharmaceutical Recruitment FAQs

What are the different types of pharmaceutical jobs?

There are many jobs within the pharmaceutical industry, so if you’re thinking of applying for pharma jobs, you should first establish what kind of role you want depending on your expertise and specialist skills.

Some of the most popular pharmaceutical jobs are:
  • Pharmaceutical researcher

  • Clinical trial technician/administrator

  • Healthcare professional

  • Pharmacovigilance officer

What is the average pharmaceutical salary in the UK?

There are lots of different roles available in the UK pharmaceutical industry, so the average salary for pharmaceutical jobs can vary quite a lot. According to Paylab , a typical pharma salary might be anywhere from £19,920 to £52,164 per year (as of 2023).

Naturally, you can expect your pay to increase as you gain experience and take on more responsibilities. Entry-level pharmaceutical jobs are likely to come with a salary between £18,000 and £25,000 but if you climb the career ladder, you could end up earning £60,000 per year or even more.

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What are the benefits of pharmaceutical jobs?

People working in pharma jobs improve people’s lives by researching, developing, and producing new drugs and medicines. Without the pharmaceutical industry, modern-day medicine would come to a standstill.

Every time someone in a pharmaceutical career develops a new, effective drug, they relieve the symptoms or suffering of hundreds of people in society. That’s why pharma jobs – and pharma recruitment – are so important to our society.

How do I prepare for a pharma job interview?

To prepare for a pharmaceutical job interview, you should do the following:
  • Dress smartly but comfortably (first impressions really matter).

  • Reference the responsibilities of your chosen pharmaceutical job from the job description provided.

  • Offer examples to your interviewer of how you would apply your existing skills, education, and experience to the role.

  • Ask questions that show your engagement with the position (such as asking about progression and training opportunities, team structure etc.)

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