The Pharmaceutical industry is a vast and complex sector with a focus on developing, producing and marketing licensed products to be used as medication. This includes drugs, pharmaceuticals, and biopharmaceuticals.

The industry is ever changing as the needs for new and improved medications / therapeutics constantly evolve. This is down to the need for enhanced innovation and sustainability in a Pharmaceutical companies processes, the increased demands for safety / quality / efficacy in their products, and the constant discovery of rare and evolving diseases. All of what a Pharmaceutical company do is subject to a variety of regulations and law regarding testing, patenting and marketing.

A Pharmaceutical / Biopharmaceutical company include those who are involved in Research & Development, Manufacturing, Sales & Marketing be this for their own products or on behalf of a another business (CMO / CRO companies). They can work with generics / biosimilars and/or brand medications as well as Medical Devices. The dosage forms of their products can range significantly including solid dose (tablets / capsules), liquids, ointments, creams, steriles, parentals etc and also include the release of drug substance (i.e. APIs) and IMPs (investigational medicinal products). The type of molecules a Pharmaceutical / Biopharmaceutical company work with again can range which include small & large molecules as well as vaccines.

Being such a diverse market it is no surprise that the Pharmaceutical industry employs a broad range of specialist skill sets across all scientific and commercial disciplines. This does make the sector an exciting and attractive one to be a part of, but also a highly challenging industry to ensure the right talent are in the right places.
some of the specialist skill sets which we support the recruitment for include:
Hyper Recruitment Solutions is proud to be a specialist in recruiting across the Pharmaceutical / Biopharmaceutical industries. We employ recruitment experts across this field which include those who are educated in science and / or are members of key organisations such as the Royal Society of Chemistry.