Quality Assurance Jobs

Quality assurance jobs cover a range of positions within a very wide range of businesses. Quality assurance is the systematic approach in managing the quality of products and the processes involved in their production. Therefore jobs in quality assurance will entail the implementation and management of the quality systems employed by a business.

Quality assurance is a critical function for any production company, with a requirement to develop, establish and maintain high levels of professional standards in respect to food, pharmaceutical, biological and other related products. With respect to medicinal products it is the World Health Organisation (WHO) who is responsible for setting global standards in Quality Assurance.
Quality Assurance jobs

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Quality Assurance involves a number of key areas which can be categorised into inspections, compliance, development, quality control, production and distribution.

Depending upon what the company produce and what markets it is released to the regulatory and quality authorities can vary tremendously. It could be GMP, GDP, GCP, GLP standards in compliance with MHRA, regulations in the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology industry, BRC & HACCP in the Food sector or ISO13485 for Medical Devices. Again the quality assurance procedures and regulations will vary based upon the products and markets the company is operating in and demonstrates why a company needs to have specialist and dedicated Quality Assurance teams.

A quality assurance specialist can have a very specialised yet diverse role which could involve a range of responsibilities including auditing (internal / external), investigating customer complaints, generating PQRs (Product Quality Reports), managing CAPA investigations, validation etc. A Qualified Person / QP who takes ultimate responsibility for reviewing all QA activities and information prior to release the product takes a crucial role in any Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance team.

Typical quality assurance jobs we recruit for in this niche are:
  • Qualified Person / QP
  • QA Manager
  • Head of Quality
  • Quality Specialists
  • QA Officer / Quality Officer
  • QA Auditor (internal and external)
  • Quality Administrators
We are experienced and have a passion for supporting Quality Assurance professionals and would welcome anybody interested in exploring new roles in this niche to get in touch to see how we can help you with you next steps.