Preparation is everything! Use our checklist to make sure you’re ready.

Have you been invited to a job interview? Are you feeling nervous about it? Don’t panic – Hyper Recruitment Solutions are here to help!

Many people think of job interviews as high-pressure situations in which a single mistake can scupper any chance of success, but the key to success is putting the work in before you sit down with your potential employer. With that in mind, we’ve put together this handy job interview checklist that you can download, print, and refer to when preparing for that all-important interview. Tick off every item on the list and you’ll be a whole lot closer to landing your dream role. Good luck!


  • Learn about the company’s history
  • Familiarise yourself with the work they’ve done before now
  • Find out what the company’s goals and values are
  • Make sure you understand the role and its requirements


  • Find a list of common interview questions (we’ve got one here)
  • Think about the qualities that you want to highlight in your answers (e.g. your experience, specific skills you’ve mastered, past achievements)
  • Write out your answers to the most common questions in advance
  • Get a friend to ask you each question so that you can rehearse your responses
  • Ask your friend to ask you some other questions that you haven’t specifically prepared for – try to answer them while still highlighting the qualities you identified earlier

Getting Dressed

  • Choose your outfit in advance (read our ‘what to wear’ guide here)
  • Buy new clothes if necessary
  • Ensure that your clothes have been washed, dried and ironed
  • Make sure your hair looks tidy (get it cut if necessary)
  • Don’t overdo it on make-up and accessories!

Getting There

  • Find out where the interview will be held
  • Find out what time the interview will commence
  • Work out how you’ll get there – will you walk, drive, or take public transport?
  • If you’re not familiar with the route, consider making a practice run
  • Set alarms and plan to leave in plenty of time to allow for traffic/delays


  • Print out a spare copy of your CV to take with you
  • Prepare a copy of your qualifications and/or examples of your work (if necessary)
  • Make sure you’re able to give references upon request
  • Buy waterproofs and an umbrella in case it rains on the day
  • Clean your teeth and keep your breath fresh
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