HRS Partnership

Hyper Recruitment Solutions are working in partnership with LGC Genomics on a number of specialist scientific based roles. HRS are using their knowledge and expertise of the market place to help reach out to the key individuals that LGC Genomics look to employ. This is all being done in a collaborative, professional and timely manner.

LGC Genomics is the genomics division of the international science-based LGC Group. Following a merger with KBioscience in 2011, the combined LGC Genomics business now provides a full range of high quality genomics products, services and solutions including, sample preparation (primarily, nucleic acid extraction), nucleic acid sequencing, genotyping and biobanking. LGC Genomics has laboratories in the UK, Germany and North America along with sales and support staff in over 15 locations in Europe, America and the Far East.

LGC Genomics Services

The portfolio includes:

Genotyping services, assays and reagents

DNA sequencing services including next generation sequencing services on both the Roche 454 & Illumina HiSeq2000 platforms

DNA and RNA extraction products and services

DNA/RNA biobanking including, storage, retrieval and analysis services

Reagents and consumables for molecular biology

Pharmacogenetics and diagnostic services

Laboratory instrumentation including plate sealers, liquid handling robots, high-throughput PCR thermocyclers, plate readers and a suite of laboratory automation instruments

LGC science-based company and market leader in analytical, forensic and diagnostic services and reference standards. Operating internationally through four divisions - LGC Forensics, LGC Genomics, LGC Standards and LGC Science & Technology - the LGC Group employs 1,460 staff in 31 laboratories and centres across Europe as well as in China, India and the US.
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