What do you look for when hiring?

This survey should take no longer than 2-3 minutes to complete. We are looking to find out what employers / hiring managers like to see when reviewing job applications and interviewing candidates - this information will be used to help job seekers write better applications and perform better in interviews.


Question 1.

Question 2. Which of the following would make you put a job application straight in the bin? (Tick any that apply.)

Question 3.

Question 4. Should job seekers include GCSE grades on their CVs?*

Question 5. All other things being equal, would you be MORE or LESS likely to hire a candidate who studied at a prestigious university?*

Question 6. Which of the following would immediately RUIN an interviewee's chances of getting the job? (Tick any that apply.)

Question 7. What is the single MOST APPEALING quality a candidate can have?(Select one answer only.)*