Riley Watmore from Hyper Recruitment Solutions (HRS) exceeded my expectations. He helped me in the initial consultation to secure me in the proper interview process and provided unparalleled support and guidance. HRS recruiters' personalised approach ensured that my skills and aspirations were perfectly matched with the right opportunity. The team's professionalism and transparent communication made the entire process seamless and stress-free till now. I am hoping for the best! Thank you, Riley Watmore from HRS. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking employment opportunities. Pharmaceutical Competitive Intelligence - Reviewed in March 2024
Outstanding end to end service from Eve at Hyper Recruitment Solutions. What was a brief call on a train platform coming back from a long day working in London over a year ago. Has led to me developing my career, working for one of the best teams and very best employers I have ever worked for. I’m so grateful to Eve for all the professional and bespoke guidance and support given to get me here. Highly recommend Eve and the team. CSM - Reviewed in March 2024
I only have good things to say about HRS. I found my new business development role through HRS and they are very professional, friendly and easy to work with. I really appreciated all the interview advice I received and the responsiveness of the team, communicating well and providing outstanding guidance and support. I highly recommend HRS if you're looking for a new role. They go over and beyond what's expected from a recruitment agency. Business Development Manager - Reviewed in February 2024
I want to extend my sincere appreciation to Edward McNutty at HRS Recruitment for his exceptional work as a recruiter. Edward demonstrated remarkable patience and understanding of my needs, ensuring that he could deliver his best to assist me in finding the perfect employment opportunity. Thanks to his dedication and support, I was able to secure a position with the company I had been seeking. In just a few months, Edward achieved what other recruiters couldn't, and for that, I am truly grateful. Edward's assistance has made a significant difference in my career journey, and I highly value his help. If my situation changes in the future, I would definitely go back to ask for his help with HRS Recruitment. Production Technician - Reviewed in February 2024
Assisted through whole process By Edward McNulty. He was kind, sincere, super helpful and always available when required. I wasn’t actively seeking a new work placement until approached by HRS but never felt pestered, only that Edward’s top priority was to find the best candidate for the job placement. I am now so happy to be moving into my new position with a great company. Thank you. Refrigeration Engineer - Reviewed in February 2024
Riley helped me to land the perfect job. He has been very helpful and professional throughout the interview process, initial screening and my employment. QC Analyst - Reviewed in February 2024
It was a wonderful experience working with Hyper Recruitment Solutions. In the period of difficulty to find a good job in UK, HRS had good options of vacancies and offered me a good role. Production Technician - Reviewed in January 2024
My experience with HRS as been amazing, they have helped me to the best of my ability for my interview progression, their consistency and help they provide is magnificent, I recommend their service. I have gained confidence in interviews and what to expect during interviews through HRS, the way I was contacted throughout to give feedback on my progression and the advice I was getting as been fantastic. Production Technician - Reviewed in January 2024
I am very lucky that I was able to connect with HRS, especially with Rahul. This job is really a great achievement for me, and the greatest contribution behind this achievement was Rahul. He was very supportive, comfortable, communicative, and significantly inspirational. Analytical Chemist - Reviewed in January 2024

Other Testimonials

Arctic Fox Events have assisted Hyper Recruitment Solutions with sourcing venues for their events, we love the energy and buzz of their ever professional and growing company! It is always a pleasure to deal with the team at HRS and we look forward to an ongoing relationship with them. Aimee Harvey, Director of Arctic Fox Events - Reviewed in February 2020
We have been working with Ricky Martin and Hyper Recruitment Solutions for a number of years now, and it has been great to watch the company grow into the dynamic and highly successful enterprise that it is today. It is always great to discuss new ideas with the HRS team, and they are unfailingly helpful and professional when we’re putting those ideas into action. Jason Fortt, Managing Director of Designer Websites - Reviewed in January 2019
It’s a great privilege to be a part of Hyper Recruitment Solutions’ ongoing growth. All of us here on the Designer Websites SEO team have very much enjoyed getting to know the company and what they do, and both Ricky and Sandy are always a great help no matter what we’re working on. Joel Dear, Marketing Executive at Designer Websites - Reviewed in March 2018
The Designer Websites team have assisted Hyper Recruitment Solutions with a wide variety of projects over the years – in addition to designing and developing their website, we have also created an online quiz, provided videos and graphics for social media, helped them to optimise their job listings, and crafted interactive pages on a number of different topics. Throughout all of these undertakings, Ricky and his team have been consistently professional and highly responsive. They’re a great company to work with. Jenna Francis, Project Manager at Designer Websites - Reviewed in March 2017
We invited Ricky to speak at our BioProNET Early Career Researcher Event. He gave a keynote presentation that was engaging, informative and — in the right places — amusing. Moreover he understood the scientific background of the audience and tailored his speech so that it was relevant to them. Not only that, but he gave a snapshot presentation on what makes a good CV, offered delegates one-to one CV advice in a CV clinic and engaged in informal discussions over dinner. Feedback from attendees was hugely positive, and we’ve convinced that Ricky’s participation was key to the event’s success. BioPronet (a BBSRC NIBB co-sponsored by EPSRC) Young Researchers Conference - Reviewed in September 2015
Ricky’s account of his journey since leaving Crofton School was truly inspirational and very timely to the young people at the start of their GCSE studies. His passion for science and its potential to improve lives that have been affected by genetic disorders was communicated in an honest, thought-provoking and engaging way. Crofton School in association with J4G - Reviewed in September 2015
Ricky has been very supportive of MindTorch (a mentoring organisation for scientists). He gave a very inspiring and engaging talk at our recent seminar about science careers to Life Science/Medical students, Scientists & Medical doctors. His passion for science and scientific careers was infectious, and we were intrigued by his serendipitous career journey. Our delegates also learnt subtle ways of building a professional network. In all, Ricky was very humble and gracious with his time networking with delegates after the seminar. Founder of MindTorch at Kings College London - Reviewed in May 2014
Ricky spoke with our biological science students and alumni at a ten-year reunion event at the Royal Veterinary College. Hearing about his career to date and lessons learned along the way was of enormous benefit to the audience. Ricky went the extra mile and spent time networking with the students well into the evening – his charisma, engaging personality and experience were greatly valued by our students and alumni. He presented the various options scientists can follow in their career which helped to broaden everybody’s minds to the vast possibilities. Royal Veterinary College - Reviewed in June 2013
The audience attending the IRP and NACUE event listened intently to Ricky explain his background before the Apprentice and life as an entrepreneur. Ricky’s passion for top quality service and first class standards inspired these budding stars to discuss their future careers and entrepreneurial ideas. Ricky was extremely engaging and interactive with his talk and in doing so was able to create an environment where people where happy to open up their honest thoughts with him. Head of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals (IRP), Richard Charnock - Reviewed in March 2013
Following a recent talk at Portsmouth Grammar School on the topic of careers our pupils were fully engaged with Ricky who spoke passionately and honestly whilst giving interesting and thoughtful answers to all questions asked. He was able to strike-up a natural rapport with pupils and they found him both entertaining and approachable. What was also impressive is the time he took after the talk to chat with pupils individually and answer any outstanding queries they had. Ricky has a clear passion for supporting science and careers for the future which makes him an excellent speaker for Business Studies pupils of all ages. Headmaster of Portsmouth Grammar School - Reviewed in January 2013
Ricky is a highly professional businessman. Working with Ricky I found that although he holds a formidable understanding of and connection with the Scientific industry, Ricky continues to learn and build upon what he already knows, which is more than most within his niche. For businesses looking to recruit professionals within the scientific domain and strong candidates seeking a thorough and honest consultant, I highly recommend Ricky and Hyper Recruitment Solutions. As well as delivering to the highest of standards, Ricky gets the best out of those lucky enough to work with him. John Edwards, Sales and Team Lead at KeyApps - Reviewed in December 2012
I have worked very closely with Ricky in helping him with the launch of Hyper Recruitment Solutions and he has a clear passion for Science & Professional Recruitment. His knowledge is 2nd to none and he is 100% committed to the cause and will never leave any stone unturned. He is focused and driven on delivering the right customer experience and giving his clients exactly what they need, I have no doubt he will make his dream a total success. I look forward to working with him in the future and watching his business flourish. Trevor Howard, Sales Executive at Premier Print & Promotions Ltd - Reviewed in January 2012
Over the last few months working with such an inspiring, enthusiastic person has been a pleasure and has made the collaboration between our two companies an easy process. Ricky exudes passion and commitment for his work, always having a positive and proactive attitude and of course a huge smile. Toni Moon, Commercial Sales Executive at the Royal Society of Chemistry - Reviewed in October 2012
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