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Customer Testimonials

“I've been in contact with Ben for the past few weeks, and he's been fantastic in targeting my skills to the right opportunities and helping me interview for the right kind of roles. He has been very supportive throughout the entire recruitment process, rallying behind me every step of the way. He was very knowledgeable about the company requirements and he made the interview process very straight forward. He prepared me well with what the expectations of the role were and was always happy to answer my questions. He kept me updated regularly in the process and made sure I had no concerns. Thanks to him, I have a found my next role. He is on top my list of recommendations when you are looking for a new opportunity and I would be happy to work with him again.” Data Engineer - Leading Environmental Company – Supported by HRS in March 2020
“Despina recruited a candidate into our company recently. The shortlist of CV’s that she supplied indicated a good understanding of the brief. She was refreshingly candid about what she felt an appropriate package should be for the role involved. This was really valuable and really appreciated for a smaller company. Despina was always accessible during the process, we found a good candidate quickly and based on our experience with Despina, would work with her again” Sales and Business Manager - Biopharmaceutical Instrument Manufacturing Company – Supported by HRS in March 2020
“Ben helped me to secure my most recent role and was greatly supportive and professional during the entire process. He explained really well the nature of the interview and company’s requirements, was proactive and followed up very quickly. Most importantly, I believe he found just the right fit for me in terms of company and role. I would highly recommend Ben!” Business Analyst - Life Science Company - Supported by HRS in March 2020
“Lucie has been simply fantastic! Her professionalism and great personality made the whole process really stress free. She regularly called me to update me on each step and always went an extra mile to provide me with valuable tips on how to approach the interviews and make the most of each step. I really felt confident that my application was in the right hands. I offer her my highest recommendation. Thank you Lucie for everything.” Senior Computational Chemist – Drug Discovery Company – Supported by HRS in February 2020
“It was a good experience working with Hyper Recruitment Solution and Savannah Addams. She was consistent in her work and the communication was very smooth. Savannah is a hard working professional, who understood my job requirements, she was patient and supportive, thorough and positive throughout my job hunting. She wasn't fazed by my insistence and the countless number of questions that I asked during the process. I would definitely work with Savannah again and I recommend her to anyone looking to get a new job role. Thank you, Savannah for all your help, it was a pleasure to work with you!” Stability Analyst - Pharmaceutical Company – Supported by HRS in February 2020
“As a recent graduate hunting for my next adventure in research and development seemed impossible. Until I received a phone call from Fabio which changed my whole perception on job hunting. Fabio is highly skilled in recruiting the right candidate for the right job, and he demonstrates a great deal of dedication. He supported me in finding the most suitable job that matches my expertise in a field where my potentials are limitless. Therefore, I highly recommend his expertise in recruitment.” Research Associate - Leading Pharmaceutical Company – Supported by HRS in February 2020
“Fabio's expertise in recruitment is as impressive as all of his endeavours and accomplishments. Constant job updates were supported by prompt job notifications without being intrusive like any other Agency. His supportive, friendly and understanding nature helped to me gain a position at a leading pharmaceutical company. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the most talented and able agent that will help you get a great job within a limited time-frame.” QC Lab Coordinator - Leading Pharmaceutical Company – Supported by HRS in February 2020
“I contacted HRS last year regarding a possible move to a new challenge. You asked Chris Carey to look after me and he has done a great job in searching for roles for me over the last few months; it is simply fate that determined my move. Chris managed to get an agreement from a company in Basildon which just happened to be a couple of days too late.

This January I was offered a senior position with a new company specializing in new T-cell therapy for cancer treatment. My wife died of cancer five years ago and she wanted me to go into the field of immunotherapy for cancer after her failed attempt to get recruited for a clinical trial in this area. My new role is in this exact field, so I have an almost vocational reason for going with this new company. I was contacted directly by the talent acquisition specialist of the new company.

My dealings with Chris have been excellent and he has always followed up each phone call or interview I have had with clients. This represents the best service I have experienced from any of the different consultancies or agencies over the past few months.

I would like to ensure Chris’ efforts are recognised. I believe you do well to have Chris on your team.”
Put forward for Quality Manager position – Pharmaceutical Company – Supported by HRS in February 2020
“I have been really happy with HRS service, they were able to provide excellent contacts with relevant job opportunities, and they are always prompt to respond and interact with both parts. I was impressed on how competent HRS staff is in understanding the candidate's skills and matching them with the right positions. Christina has been very supportive and professional throughout the process, providing helpful advice and eventually matching me with my new position. I would definitively recommend them for a job search.” Scientist – Leading Biopharmaceutical Company – Supported by HRS in February 2020
“Christina was very helpful thorough the whole recruitment procedure and always kept me up to date with my applications status. What really stood out for me with HRS was total support in the applications and even after I had acquired the job I received calls to make sure I had settled in well. I would highly recommend her and HRS to anyone looking to go into the biological sector.” Research Scientist – Leading CRO Company – Supported by HRS in February 2020
“Christina helped me find a job that perfectly matches my professional skills and is a wonderful opportunity for my career. She provided an excellent service by being very supportive and informative at every step on the way of starting my new job.” Senior Scientist – Global Biopharmaceutical Company- Supported by HRS in January 2020
“From first notification of vacancy to interview stage and beyond, telephone communication and prep/advice was excellent. I would recommend Jessica as being an excellent recruiter for future employees seeking alternative employment.” Compliance Officer - Cell Therapy Company – Supported by HRS in February 2020
“Debra threw an opportunity my way and she has been very informative and helpful throughout the process. She made sure I was well informed and prepared for my interview. She even called me couple of hours after my interview to find out how things went. Debra is very timely with her assurances in keeping one informed and at ease about the progress of applications even after the interview stage. She also makes enquires about her clients location (and means of commuting ). Thus if there's the need to relocate. I would recommend Debra Fong for her level of professionalism, encouragement and support! THANK YOU DEBRA!!!” Chemist - leading CRO - Supported by HRS in January 2020
“Debra suggested me a position to apply that was straight on my line. She was most helpful through the whole process of job application: she kept me regularly updated before the job interview and after I accepted the job offer. I would highly recommend services of HRS and Debra in particular for recruitment of science and technology personnel!” Head of Sensor Technology - start up technology company - Supported by HRS in January 2020
“I have been consistently impressed with Fabio's attitude since the first day he contacted me for a job position. During the time that he has helped me with the recruitment process, I found Fabio very friendly, supportive, motivating and highly professional during our collaboration. I have gained very valuable information and had such a positive experience throughout the process. I appreciate his quick response, efficiency and prompt follow-up to my requests.” In Vivo Research Scientist- Leading Cell and Gene Therapy company – Supported by HRS since January 2020
“I found David to be extremely professional, courteous and communicative whilst I have been looking for my next move. He took the time to get to know me and then find the right role, which I’m pleased to say starts soon. Would highly recommend working with him and look forward to reaching out again when the time is right in the future. Thanks David” Project Manager - Global Pharma Company – Supported by HRS in January 2020
“Lucie goes above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to supporting candidates. I had a few job-changes, but no-one was even remotely this supportive as her. She continuously stayed on top of the situation, there was not a single case when I needed to chase her; she kept me up-to-date throughout the whole process.” Logistics Analyst – Global Environmental Company – Supported by HRS in January 2020
“Lucie is the perfect example of a trustworthy scientific recruiter. She was able to find and secure me an amazing position based on my skills (excellent CV evaluator). She is the most caring recruiter I have ever interfered with. At a very early stage, I was confident about her reliability. Very regular phone calls to ensure that I am OK and willing to answer any questions. She was always available and gave me very useful interview tips. Lucie managed excellently the interview process and worked very hard to secure my relocation. Lucie thank you for everything. I will always remember you as a key person for my career development.” Senior Computational Chemist – Drug Discovery CRO – Supported by HRS in January 2020
“I recently was out of work and I was approached by Georgie. She found me a role which I wouldn’t have found myself. It was a perfect match to my skills and experience. She has been incredibly helpful and understanding and has worked hard to secure me the position. Really pleased with the service she has provided and would definitely recommend.” Study Director - CRO - Supported by HRS in January 2020
“Amy is the best Recruitment Consultant I’ve ever dealt with. Through her, I found a job that is perfect for me, throughout the process Amy was amazing, helped me to get ready for the interview and constantly kept me informed, she still follows my career and makes sure that I am happy with my new position. I can't recommend highly enough, thanks again Amy, stay in touch.” QA Officer – Global Biologics Company – Supported by HRS in December 2019
“I was looking for a relocation opportunity with the difficulty of being at a long distance from the UK. Georgina took an interest in my profile and gave me the chance to have interviews where I could share my experience and my goals with the company in need of hiring. She is very thoughtful and was always there to follow up or answer any questions that I had.”
Process Development Scientist – Biotechnology Company – Supported by HRS in November 2019
“Debra and team was very friendly, helpful and supportive all the way through the process. They not only assisted me in getting the job but also in job-related negotiations. Furthermore, because I needed to relocate for the job checked up to ensure I have everything sorted out. I would highly HRS recommend them to everyone.”
Neringa Tamosiunaite – Supported by HRS in Oct 2019 - Chemist at a leading CRO.
“Working with Savannah was amazing, she is super helpful, always available for more clarifications, information and she is always willing to help. I had a great experience working with her. Savannah really shows that she cares about the people that she helps. Thanks to her I'm now working in an amazing place, doing a job that I love! If I could give her a score, it would be the maximum.

Thank you Savannah for all your hard work, help and the good luck card.”

QC Validation Analyst - Leading Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company – Supported by HRS since September 2019
“I also wanted to say a big thank you to Chris Cary & Ben Hughes – there were only two roles in the whole of 2019 that I struggled with (I direct source everything, globally) and both times your two consultants really outshone the competition and found us two outstanding colleagues (Kevin & Diana).

You are certainly employing outstanding recruiters!! (in my humble opinion 😊)”

Scientist – leading CRO company - Supported by HRS in September 2019
“Debra is a very professional recruitment consultant who helped me during my application to a CRO for a role as a synthetic organic chemist. Throughout the entire process she kept me updated on the application process, was very fast with feedback and updates, and also contacted me on multiple occasions to check on how things were going. Once I had obtained the role, Debra gave me a lot of help and advice on relocating, she liaised with the company regarding relocation, and when I moved, she checked to see if had settled in. The service I received from Debra was above and beyond any other recruiter I have used in prior job searches. She is truly a credit to her profession.”
Scientist – leading CRO company- Supported by HRS in September 2019
“Absolutely stellar service. I worked with Jessica McLachlan and she was extremely helpful. I've been sending out CVs on my own for over 2 years now and she found a position that was effectively a straightforward upgrade from my previous job (in a pretty niche and competitive field) within a month of her first call. Both calls and emails were plentiful and without delay.

I can't recommend both Jessica and the company enough!”

Microbiology Supervisor - Food Testing Laboratory- supported by HRS in November 2019
“Eve and her team have been a great support to us over the last 6 months and helped source some very successful candidates. Excellent understanding of the industry and candidate market, I would highly recommend Eve.”
Recruitment Business Partner- Global Life Sciences Company- Supported by HRS in November 2019
“David is a polite and professional individual that I have had the pleasure to deal with throughout the process of a recent job application. I would recommend David to anyone that is looking for a new role. Thank you.”
IT Security Specialist - Global Environmental Science Company- Supported by HRS in November 2019
“I recently had the opportunity to work with Debra to fill a position in our team. The type of work we do is fairly niche, so we decided to reach to HRS for help recruiting for this position. Debra was very proactive and put an enormous amount of interest and effort in understanding our needs so she could provide only candidates that fitted our profile nicely. She did an extremely good job filtering out candidates who did not suit the requirements of the role, and thus, every candidate she presented would have done a great job. Unfortunately, we only had one position available at the time, and within two weeks we had managed to close it. The successful candidate joined our team this morning.

I will continue working with HRS in the future and I would wholeheartedly recommend Debra and the whole of HRS team to help you fill your recruitment needs.”

Head of Physical Sciences - Leading Pharmaceutical Company- Supported by HRS in September 2019
“Being exceptionally busy and with an urgent need to recruit, by coincidence or divine intervention and I'm not sure which, I was approached by Debra Fong of HRS to see if there was need for any recruitment by my company and if so could HRS be of service. Without wanting to waste time after a short phone call with Debra I acquiesced but knowing the skills in the advanced technologies from the ideal senior candidate were as rare as hen's teeth I sat back and started thinking of the wording I was going to have to use in the 'Situations vacant' section of the relevant specialist trade journals.

Imagine my surprise when a couple of days later I had two CVs in my hands, one from a good candidate for the job, the other being quite exceptional. The latter not only experienced in everything I thought important but also it was quite clear the candidate would benefit greatly from joining us. A remarkable win-win situation. Well done Debra and HRS.”

Sensor Technology Development Company- Supported by HRS in Oct 2019
“We have worked with HRS/Debra Fong for over one year now and throughout that period we have filled roles within Optical Design engineering and Software Engineering. Debra took responsibility for our business requirements and worked tirelessly to provide a good level of candidate for telephone or face to face interviews. HRS/ Debra now operate within our top three recruitment agencies. This opens up the opportunities to them before the wider group agency groups.”
Software Engineering - Leading Technology Company - Supported by HRS Feb 2019
“Georgia Walden is absolutely wonderful, helping me negotiate a fantastic contract with my current role. Exceptional in communication between both myself and the company. Expertise in understanding the role itself and what both the company and I required from each other which I find rare with recruitment agencies. Consistently demonstrated enthusiasm and took time to listen and understand what both parties needed throughout the negotiation period. Forward thinking but also an inspiring work ethic. Georgia has definitely helped find me the perfect match, to which I will always be grateful for!”
Regulatory Labelling Coordinator- Animal Health Pharmaceutical Company- Supported by HRS in August 2019
“’I had the pleasure of working with Georgina Beer regarding biological research positions in the pharma/biotechnology industries. She quickly understood the type of work I was looking for and soon placed me in an innovative company with a role that perfectly complimented my interests. Georgina was always very professional and pleasant to speak to. She provided great support before, during and after the whole process, providing fast and efficient communication throughout”
Research Assistant - Leading Gene Therapy Company - October 2019
“I have worked with David (and colleagues) for just over a year. Appreciate that the recruitment business is a very competitive market but have been extremely impressed leading up to and during my experience of doing business with David and the team. In particular, I acknowledge the commitment to personal service - nothing is too much trouble and, even if it is, you never would know!”
Leading Pharmaceutical Development Company - HR Manager - October 2019
“’I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for seeking me out and providing me your valuable assistance during my job search last month.

I truly value the time you spent to help me prepare for my interview. The information you sent me before the interview were very helpful and informative, in furthering my understanding of what is involved in this type of interview and work.

Luckily, everything went smoothly and I was able to get the job from the very first interview you arranged for me.

I certainly appreciate your efforts for making sure that I understand what the position entails and your follow up to make sure my first few days went well.

I cannot thank you enough for being so kind, encouraging and supportive.

I found the recruitment experience with HRS very professional and highly recommended.”

Pharmacovigilance Officer - Lead Regulatory and Pharmacovigilance Consultancy - September 2019
“I couldn’t have asked for a better recruiter. From the start of the process to the end of being offering the role, David was thorough, clear and understanding of my needs. He is extremely polite and listened. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend David in your next opportunity search!”
Workday Test Manager - Leading Environmental Company - September 2019
“Our relationship with HRS is more akin to a partnership. The team at HRS take an interest in the overall IT strategy which means they can then align our resourcing needs to the short and long term goals. This means that our recruitment time is reduced as we are only forwarded individuals that have the right fit for Veolia, in terms of skills/ability, experience, attitude and also culture.

Our close partnership with HRS has helped us to reduce our staff turnover from 15% to 10% due to their close understanding of our IT strategy and the industry sectors we work in.

I would recommend HRS to anyone in the IT sector. Their understanding of the technical aspects of the roles and their ability to link it to the strategy and industry sector means that you are only recommended candidates with the right fit for your company. Selfishly though, I don't want anyone using HRS so I have no competition for the best candidates.... ”

Chief Information Officer - Global Environment and Innovation Company - September 2019
“Lucie has been fantastic in helping me secure a great new position. At any time I was able to call or message to ask questions or advice and I always got an answer and that little extra support - honestly cannot fault the process and Lucie’s hard work. It’s been a joy to be a client, professionalism at its finest with the bonus of an awesome personality. Thanks for the effort Lucie - hopefully I won't need to use your recruiting power again but I'd recommend anyone else to 100%.”
Digital Transformation Manager - Leading Environmental Company - June 2019
“Lucie found me a great job that I would not have even thought of applying for without her. She has managed the whole recruitment process and been a helpful, friendly and reassuring voice throughout. Thank you, Lucie - you are my fairy jobmother!”
Bioinformatics Scientist - Global Biotechnology Company - July 2019
“Alex and I connected when I was looking to recruit for a Commercial Senior Scientist to join my team at CN Bio. I went through an initial briefing call with Alex where we went through the opportunity in detail and he provided me with an initial shortlist of candidates shortly after. After our initial interviews, I didn’t quite find the team fit I was looking for, so I asked Alex to go back out to market again and change his search up a bit. Alex then provided me with a further shortlist, of which two candidates were more-or-less exactly what I was looking for, which allowed me to get the result I wanted and hire a great candidate. During the process, Alex communicated with me well and updated me regularly and by the end of the process, I felt confident I got the best candidate in the market for myself and my company. I would recommend Alex as a recruitment consultant.”
Director of Biology - Biotechnology company - May 2019
“I have worked with Eve over a number of vacancies and have always received great service. Eve goes the extra mile with us as the candidates and with the candidates to ensure a smooth and successful process each time. I look forward to continuing our relationship and would highly recommend Eve and Hyper Recruitment to other employers.”
HR Manager - Animal Health Research and CMO - May 2019
“Rhys is an asset to HRS. He first got in touch with me to market a candidate that he felt would be of interest. The candidate had a very attractive profile but was not what we were looking for at the time. Instead we were looking to fill a QA Systems Manager role. Rhys took the job brief very well and sourced a number of suitable candidates with the very specific skill set we needed in a short space of time. The successful candidate has now been in their role for nearly five months. They have been excellent and we are very happy with their progress.”
Head of Quality Assurance - Generic Pharmaceutical Company - February 2019
“Haseena supported at a crucial time in a relation to a major site project; she provided the highest quality, senior-level candidates, quickly and professionally. The individuals have delivered and helped the site to achieve critical project milestones.”
Executive Level Quality Professional - Global Pharmaceutical Company - April 2019
“It is my pleasure to recommend Georgia Walden for the “Permanent Recruitment Consultant of the Year” for the IRP Awards. I was contacted by Georgia some months ago for a Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager role and it was an incredible experience for me. I really appreciated the work done by Georgia, progressing step by step, always ensuring that I understood all requirements and that I fully agreed to go further.

Georgia is a very competent person, organizing and driving her activities with efficiency and full dedication. She has an extremely developed sense of contact; she is warm and always looking to satisfying her customers. She provided me with impressive support before and during the interview process, guiding me, putting me in a position where I was as comfortable as possible and making sure I was well-prepared. She always asked me for my feedback on the process and the people who interviewed me. Her willingness to succeed in my recruitment was as motivating for her as for me: Georgia's dynamism is infectious! She is probably the best recruiter I have ever worked with. I can say that she made me grow (even if it is not physically reflected!).

I would like to deal with Georgia again in the future because I believe she has the best qualities to succeed in this job. And what I would appreciate above all, would be to meet her in person! I feel confident that you will agree that Georgia Walden is the most deserving candidate for this award. Please feel free to contact me for any additional information you may require.”

Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager - Global Consumer Health Company - August 2019
“I continue to be positively amazed at the outstanding tailored personal recruitment experience you provided, where I can honestly say it was a true two way interview up to and including an unprecedented redefinition of the job and matching description – in this period of a large (emotional) change you have more than helped me (above and beyond !) to prepare, adapt to enable me to make an overdue positive change. You have provided a service that is beyond your competition that made the decisive step easy and have allowed me to re-energise and enjoy work again … thank you”
Senior Technical Director - August 2019
“I had the pleasure of dealing complete recruitment procedure with Jessica McLachlan from HRS when looking for a new position in a new place. She was extremely helpful and thorough during the whole process making sure I was informed and happy with all that was taking place. It was my best experience I have ever had with a recruitment agency and I was left feeling very impressed. I would highly recommend HRS and thanks Jessica for coming up with so relevant opportunity.”
Quality Systems Administrator - Medical Devices Company - August 2019
“Working with Debra and HRS has been a wonderful experience, she has been efficient, knowledgeable and expedient in all of my dealings with her. Debra has made the process of finding a new role in the United Kingdom far less stressful than it was before my interaction with her began. Debra always responds to emails and telephone calls with the highest degree of professionalism and her friendly demeanour makes working with her an absolute pleasure. I highly recommend HRS and Debra to any scientific professional who is looking for a new position within the United Kingdom.”
Analytical Scientist - Leading CRO - August 2019
“Debra was brilliant from the moment she contacted me about the role to the moment I was placed. Debra made sure I was well prepared for the role, and made sure I had all the information I needed. I couldn't recommend HRS enough and thank them for contacting me with the position.”
Technical Manager - Life Science Global Leader Group - July 2019
“One of the best, if not the best agencies I have worked with. Friendly, professional and fast at responding. David has been amazing to deal with and provided an A1 services. Thank you for everything.”
Senior Project Manager - Leading Environmental Company - July 2019
“David got me a job in a great company, he was proactive and very responsive to my requirements. It was a pleasure dealing with him.”
BI Manager - Leading Pharmaceutical Company - May 2019
“I couldn’t recommend HRS more. Debra from HRS was very helpful and informative through the entire job hunting process. She ensured that I was always kept up to date with my application and that I was well prepared for my interview. Debra always replied to my queries in a timely manner and was very respectful when contacting me/arranging interviews around my work hours. Overall Debra was a pleasure to have as a recruiter. Thank you.”
Scientist - leading CRO - June 2019
“Rhys took his time to find me roles that best suited me; he represented me well and it was worth the wait. Professional, reliable and polite. Would definitely be recommending him; great work ethic, Top man.”
Vendor Assurance Officer - leading pharmaceutical company - August 2019
“Eve Hegarty was my recruiter at HRS, and I couldn't have asked for a better one. From the beginning till the end, Eve was very helpful, gave good guidance and great input on the role and the interview process. Very professional and on top of things. You feel she takes her job seriously and keeps the client informed during all stages. Since I had to travel/move from abroad for the role, she even helped me during the whole moving process and informed me of all the bureaucracies required to move to the UK. Based on my experience with Eve, I can only highly recommend HRS.”
Virologist - Biotechnical company - July 2019
“Debra at HRS was absolutely brilliant, from the initial point of contact right throughout the whole process to my current position. She was extremely helpful, kept me updated and offered me advice. Even after starting my new post, she has been in touch to see how I am getting on. I can't recommend HRS and Debra highly enough.”
Scientist - leading CRO - May 2019
“Debra was absolutely amazing and very helpful with getting me a job. To make sure that I'll get the information about the offer before the weekend she stayed much longer at her job on some Friday. She kept me updated, she was very helpful with whole recruiting process and even now, when I already got the job she makes sure if I'm fine and if I have any questions.”
Chemist at leading CRO - May 2019
“I found Ben to be very engaging, dependable and supportive. I was impressed with Ben’s attitude since the first time we got in touch; he was always helpful and reachable, providing me with invaluable advices. I had a highly pleasant and positive experience throughout our collaboration. Rest assured that his efficiency and guidance will help other candidates to find employment and I definitely would work with him again in the future. Thank you, Ben.”
GIS analyst - Leading Environmental Organisation - May 2019
“Ben is a highly skilled recruitment consultant. He provides candidates with clear advice and procedural instruction, he has a good knowledge of his client's requirements and is able to clearly match their business needs with candidate skills. With a very polite telephone manner, Ben is pleasure to deal with. Thanks Ben.”
Product Owner - Leading Environmental Organisation - May 2019
“Ben was great help in finding me a new role and sorted everything out for me. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for a new role.”
Management Accountant - Global Pharmaceutical Organisation - May 2019
“The support and process coordination was really brilliant and I have never met such good recruitment consultant.”
Regulatory Affairs Manager - Global Blue-Chip Pharma Company - May 2019
“Ben helped me immensely during the recruitment process, his experience allows him to match the right candidates with the ideal roles and organisations. He helped me get a job within 2 weeks of my first call with him. Ben consistently supported me in my applications and went above and beyond to ensure I was prepared for interviews and provided an approachable but professional service. I would certainly work with him again.”
Salesforce Analyst - Global Pharmaceutical Organisation - April 2019
“I would like to express a big thank you to HRS, in particular to Eve Hegarty, with whom I had a pleasure to work when looking for a new job position. Eve was extremely professional and supportive, always making sure that I understand each step of the recruitment process and the job specifications. She kindly and quickly responded to all my questions and offered assistance whenever I needed it, making the whole process enjoyable and straightforward. I truly enjoyed working with Eve and I would highly recommend HRS to anyone looking for a new job opportunities.”
Research Scientist - Animal Health Company - April 2019
“Ben has been brilliant in helping me find my next opportunity. He has given guidance throughout the recruitment process and has kept me updated along the way. I would highly recommend Ben if you are looking for your next opportunity!”
BI Analyst - Life Science Organisation-- March 2019
“When Debra first contacted me about a role in Scotland, amongst other opportunities I had, this role was best suited for me. I decided to have an interview and Debra managed all the processes perfectly, she helped me through the interviews and offered advice on relocation. Debra answered all my questions with patience so I never felt alone during the process. This shows how talented Debra is for finding the best roles suited to the candidates. Thanks a lot for all the help and if I want to get another role in the future, I know whom to work with.”
Senior Test Engineer - Leading Optical Engineering Company - March 2019
“I had the pleasure of dealing with Eve from HRS when looking for a new position. Eve was extremely helpful and thorough during the whole process making sure I was informed and happy with all that was taking place. It was (by far!) the best experience I have had with a recruitment agency and I was left feeling very impressed. I would highly recommend HRS, and in particular Eve Hegarty. I will be pointing friends and colleagues their way in the future.”
Research Scientist - Leading Animal Health company - March 2019
“I would like to take this opportunity to offer some feedback on your colleague, Despina Kefala, who has very recently helped to place me with my new employer. As you may appreciate searching for employment can be stressful and during this journey, I have dealt with a number of recruitment consultants, some good, some average, but the vast majority of them very poor.

Throughout this process, Despina diligently organised all interviews, communication and meetings with myself and PCI... her approach has been very professional, I was always kept to date without having to chase!! When dealing with Despina, I felt that she had my best interest at heart with the advice she offered. This also helped to alleviate the stress involved when looking for new employment.

In summary... It has been a joy to deal with someone as personable & professional as Despina, she is a credit to your company and I would not have any reservations in recommending her to my contacts.

Thank you Despina for all your hard work!!”

Business Development Manager - leading Pharmaceutical Packaging CMO - March 2019
“My personal experience with Hyper Recruitment Solutions Ltd have been exemplary. Having contacted a few agencies, I have found HRS, especially Stuart Thomson, to be proactive and extremely professional in their approach. Stuart was always willing to go that extra mile, understanding your needs and offering the right advice to find a suitable position for you. I have found Stuart to be very prompt in responding to any queries I may have had and he kept me updated throughout the whole process of job placement. I would highly recommend HRS to anyone seeking their next role.”
Leading Cell and Manufacturing Company - February 2019
“I’m really enjoying my time at my new role so far. HRS were so helpful in sorting out both of my interviews and prepping me thoroughly for what to expect so I thank both you and HRS for getting me this job.”
Scientist - Chemical Manufacturing Company - February 2019
“I have been working with HRS and Rachel for over a year now.

Rachel was a very good source of information, making all the HR work supporting me. I can say that every problem or request I had was addressed within days, for example I have asked to stop my child care vouchers, and changed my mind two weeks later. Rachel herself made sure it will be done as fast as possible (Cancelling the vouchers and getting it back).

My salary was never delayed and I will recommend HRS as a professional company, and Rachel Smart herself as a caring and professional agent.

Thank you Rachel for all your support.”

Scientist - Biologics Company - February 2019
“I have felt supported every time I had queries and it was sorted ASAP. My experience of HRS was very good. I always was supported with queries, timesheet and pay slips. I would strongly recommend HRS to work with.”
Scientist - Biologics Company - February 2019
“I felt very supported. Information was supplied on time. Rachel was very professional and approachable in solving any issues or queries I had. She would often follow these up to ensue complete resolution of the matter at hand. Any queries I had in regards to timesheets, for example, were addressed and rectified in a timely manner. I had a very positive experience There were regular contacts to ensure the transition into the new role was as smooth as possible. I would defiantly recommend working with HRS.”
Scientist - Biologics Company - February 2019
“My experience so far working with Georgia and Haseena at HRS it has been very pleasant, I felt quite supported leading up to the job and my placement here. I received all the documents and information I needed in a timely manner and when I arrived everything was sorted out for me. The only issue I had so far was between the company I work for and HRS, but the issue was quickly resolved, which I was very thankful for. Looking around at other contractors here and their agencies I would definitely recommend HRS.”
Scientist - Biologics Company - February 2019
“Since I started my new position in 2016, I have dealt with Hayley, Gary and Rachel from HRS.

All three of them have been very helpful in terms of providing information and replying to relevant queries.

I have asked Rachel to clarify certain things on different occasions, such as holiday allowance etc. She has always responded very promptly with the right information.

Also, in terms of providing supporting/additional documentation such as a letter of employment. I was very pleased with the service provided.

Rachel always acknowledges the receipts of timesheets and holiday forms and sends reminders ahead of submission dates.

I would gladly recommend Rachel as well as HRS.”

Scientist - Biologics Company - February 2019
“It’s very clear you gave me the opportunity to make the best use of my abilities and experiences, while challenging me to develop areas where I am weaker or have less experience, respects and values my contribution.

Respects me as an individual, always help and support appropriately and take immediate actions. Always response my queries within seconds and ready for further help.

Clearly communicates needs and expectations throughout the time of my contract and the most important thing you have created an environment that makes me very comfortable to communicate/ discuss the problems. I am very happy with HRS and HRS team especially Rachel Smart and Georgia Smith, both of them are always available to help and support me! Happy to recommend positively.”

Scientist - Biologics Company - February 2019
“Working with Rachel since securing the placement has been smooth and sailing. She was really helpful in filling up important documentation prior to and after starting the placement. The email correspondence has always been clear and informative; whenever I have required assistance, her response has always been prompt. I would definitely recommend Rachel and HRS.”
Scientist - Leading Next Generation Sequencing and Devices Genomics Company - February 2019
“Debra was incredibly helpful to me throughout the application process for my current position at CRO. Debra was communicative and informative and she kept me updated on the progress of my application and provided timely feedback. I found my conversations with her on the telephone to be polite throughout the entire process. Having had a fair amount of exposure to scientific recruiters in the past I can honestly say Debra has been one of the most professional and proficient to date. Should I require another job in the future, Debra/HRS would be my first point of call.”
Scientist - Leading Drug Discovery Company - February 2019
“I had the pleasure of working with Despina while looking for a new role in 2018. Despina is very professional, she listened to my requirements and was able to identify an excellent opportunity for me. She was very supportive throughout the application, interview and on-boarding process. I have been in my new role for 2 months now and am very happy. I have been very impressed by Despina and am delighted to be able to recommend her.”
Business Development Manager - Leading Pharmaceutical CMO - February 2019
“Yes I have always felt supported by Rachel with regards to my employment in my new role. During the start of my employment the transition period was carried out smoothly with good communication from her and she helped me to set up access from everywhere. I have received prompt information with regards to my holidays and payroll information during my current employment. She kindly supplied me with an employment letter I needed to apply for a visa with all the relevant information included and posted a hard copy to me within a week of my request. I have really appreciated her guidance and support and recommend her to anyone who would like to work with her.”
Scientist - Biologics Company - February 2019
“I have found working with Rachel great. Rachel and HRS has been very supportive in getting me settled at my new job. Rachel has been happy to assist me in my queries and always has a speedy response.”
Scientist - Biologics Company - February 2019
"I felt very supported with my placement. After being offered the job, I received correspondence from Rachel with the relevant paper work to have me set up. If anything was unclear while completing the paper work, help was readily available whether via email or phone.

Rachel has been very helpful throughout the process as I had a lot of questions. An example was when I needed help with my expense claim. She sent me the appropriate form and information I needed to complete it. I would recommend Rachel and HRS because of how organised they are and how quickly they help with queries."

Regulatory Affairs Administrator for a Leading Virtual Company - January 2019
"Having Eve behind me during this process has been fantastic. Whether providing me with key information about the role, interview tips and techniques, or just a reassuring word, Eve was always there to help. I can't recommend her highly enough!"
Scientist - Leading Animal Health Company - January 2019
“Georgina offered a friendly and specialist service. Not only did she quickly find suitable roles tailored to my CV but also kept me in the loop with the progress of my applications. Her efforts ultimately lead to an offer of employment in a position which I would not have found without her help. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for work in the biotechnology/biosciences field.”
Bioprocess Development Engineer - Contract Manufacturing Business - January 2019
“Rhys is a very hard working individual who listens to candidates and their career pursuits. He has recently helped me with finding a suitable role which I have specifically requested for. He was also very committed in finding the right role for me, through constant phone calls and liaising with me for the right opportunity. I believe Rhys will go far with his positive, enthusiastic personality and determination in his career.”
Business Development Manager - Leading Global Speciality Pharmaceutical Company - January 2019
“Ms Fong provided helpful advice and information for the preparation of the interview of a Scientist position at a leading CRO based in Dundee. She also provided useful feedback to me after the interview in response to the company. I really appreciated all her help.”
Analytical Development Scientist - Leading Pharmaceutical Company - January 2019
“I worked with Eve at HRS to find a new job as a Program Manager at a pre-clinical CRO. Eve was able to connect me with a company who she knew were taking on new staff due to expansion. They were not advertising for the role I ended up with but Eve's knowledge of my experience and the companies needs allowed me to find a really interesting job at a great company that I would not have applied to without the knowledge and advice from Eve and HRS.”
Program Manager - Contract Research Organisation company - January 2019
“Alex is a great consultor, and has been a key element for the recruiting process to go smooth. He's really efficient, thoughtful, kind and honest. It has been a pleasure to work with him.”
Downstream Development Scientist - Leading Animal Vaccines Company - January 2019
“I would like to express my gratitude for the opportunity I have been provided, thank you very much. It has been a pleasure working for HRS. Everything from the start of my contract till now has been very swift and smooth.”
Downstream Process Scientist - Leading pharmaceutical company - October 2018
“I am pleased to have met Debra when I was looking for the LC-MS scientist job in the UK. She has proven a real professionalism, matching my aspirations with my skills and experience. During the entire recruitment process, I received an excellent counselling from Debra, being kept up to date with the development and preparation of each stage (the application, the interview, the support post interview). I am happy to say that I have got a LC-MS scientist position at one of the most prestigious scientific company from UK. As a consequence, I strongly recommend Debra as an excellent recruiter who is able to offer an invaluable support in order to find a scientific job.”
Mass Spectrometry Specialist at a Leading CRO, supported by HRS in August 2018
“David is a true professional and always a pleasure to speak with. Very rarely you will come across someone who will go completely out of their way to help another and he certainly is that individual.”
IT Project Manager at a Leading Pharmaceuticals Company, supported by HRS in October 2018
“David helped me through the recruitment process during my move from Australia to London. He is not only very knowledgeable and thorough but also extremely personable and easy to deal with. I very much enjoyed working with David throughout the move.”
Data Science Manager at a Leading Environmental Company, supported by HRS in February 2018
“David was great to work with and very professional. He provided me with all the information I needed and instrumental with me obtaining my current role!”
Security Engineer and a Biotechnical Company, supported by HRS in February 2018
“I have enjoyed working with Haseena on a recent assignment. Unlike many agents who disappear after the initial phonecall, she has kept regular contact and been very proactive.”
Consultant QP Specials pharmaceutical manufacturer, supported by HRS in December 2018
“I have found working with Rachel great. Rachel and HRS has been very supportive in getting me settled at my new job. Rachel has been happy to assist me in my queries and always has a speedy response.”
Downstream Process Scientist for a Leading Biologics Company, supported by HRS in December 2018
“Bethany was really helpful in helping me secure the role that I wanted and provided me with tips and advice for each step of the application process which led to me being selected for the role. She listened to what I wanted and perfectly matched me to the role based on my aspirations and skills. I highly recommend Bethany as she is very diligent and dedicated to help you land your dream role!”
SAP Data Management Team Analyst at a Leading Pharmaceutical Company, Supported by HRS in December 2018
“Debra Fong approached me last year offering me some positions in a research environment as she came across my profile, the whole process from the moment that I accepted to go further with the application to the interview and then feedbacks afterwards were very professional and easy to do, she made everything possible for me to feel the whole process not boring and very professional and easy to deal with. Although I didn’t get the job, I got a feeling that she will help me find a good position in the future. Also HRS as a company are always there to help you and they are very polite and easy to deal with on the phone and email. I do highly recommend using this company as an applicant or as a company looking to employ new staff. I’ll give them 10 out of 10.”
Unit Manager, Leading Contract Research Organisation, Supported by HRS in Dec 2018
“Debra Fong approached me last year offering me some positions in a research environment as she came across my profile, the whole process from the moment that I accepted to go further with the application to the interview and then feedbacks afterwards were very professional and easy to do, she made everything possible for me to feel the whole process not boring and very professional and easy to deal with. Although I didn’t get the job, I got a feeling that she will help me find a good position in the future. Also HRS as a company are always there to help you and they are very polite and easy to deal with on the phone and email. I do highly recommend using this company as an applicant or as a company looking to employ new staff. I’ll give them 10 out of 10.”
Unit Manager, Leading Contract Research Organisation, Supported by HRS in December 2018
“I am one of the lucky persons who found employment with Hyper Recruitment Solutions. My Consultant, Debra, is friendly, approachable, helpful, patient and understandable. I appreciate her quick response, professionalism and knowledge regarding my field of employment. I was very impressed that in my first day of work I was handed a congratulation card from HRS team. I am very happy with HRS and I recommend to everybody to use theirs service.”
QA Compliance Officer, Leading Pharmaceutical Company, Supported by HRS in December 2018
“Alex was very professional and friendly when approaching me for an opportunity. His support throughout the process was very efficient and made me feel comfortable in speaking to him about my requirements in the kind of role that I was looking for. His skills were displayed through the help and preparation he put forward when aiding for an interview and he was present for any help when needed. I’d like to thank Alex for his help and would definitely recommend him for graduates that have freshly come out of University and need that extra support in finding a suitable role for them.”
Pharmaceutical Sales Administrator, Leading Pharmaceutical Wholesaler Company, Supported by HRS in December 2018
“I worked as a contractor for HRS for two years, prior to being offered a permanent job at the company I was working for. Prior to my assignment with HRS, I worked as a temporary administration worker for a year and therefore have a reasonable amount of experience with recruitment agencies. Although HRS is in a different sector to the other agencies I worked for, it is by far the best one I’ve come across. From my very first interaction and throughout my assignment, I was impressed with their professionalism, friendliness and efficiency. Overall, I felt supported during the time I worked as a contractor for HRS. There may have been one or two glitches, for example I remember there was some issue regards to being set up on the first electronic timesheet system, but this was quickly rectified. Any other issues I encountered were minimal and I found Rachel Smart to be extremely helpful and she promptly responded to any issues or queries I had.

I would highly recommend HRS and Rachel Smart, who I feel is a great asset to the company, as she provides a lot of support to contractors and acts as an interface between the contractors and HRS during their assignments. I also feel that HRS played a huge role in helping me make my career transition from academia to industry and to land my first permanent job.”

Scientist, Biologics Company, Supported by HRS in October 2017 - November 2018
“Ben provided excellent help finding me a new role. Being new to the process, he supported me and gave me valuable advise. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for a new role. Top man and a true asset to Hyper Recruitment”
Analytics Manager at Veolia, Leading Environmental Organisation, Supported by HRS in October 2018
“Debra was instrumental to my securing a new role. She offers support and encouragement all through the recruitment process with regular update and feedback. Her recruitment company and team are doing great jobs.”
Senior Analyst, Leading Pharmaceutical Company, Supported by HRS in October 2018
“I consider myself very fortunate to have come in contact with HRS close to the end of my Masters course as the company greatly facilitated the process of securing a job, which I was finding quite daunting considering all the other deadlines that I had. Debra provided insightful information about the interview process, whilst ensuring that I was always kept up to date throughout the selection process, allowing me to focus on successfully completing my studies. What I appreciated the most however was the assistance provided even after I had secured the job, and the frequent email 'catch ups' to confirm whether everything was going well at the company. I am very thankful to have had Debra act as an intermediary between the company and myself, and would undoubtedly recommend her and HRS.”
QC Analyst, Leading Pharmaceutical Company, Supported by HRS in September 2018
“I am writing to express my support for Emily Thom’s nomination for the Institute of Recruitment Practice Awards. Emily’s work, advice, and assistance was crucial in me securing employment and I cannot emphasise enough the importance of her help during the process. Even before fielding my application for jobs Emily offered invaluable advice and comments in order to refine and optimise my CV, the CV which would lead to my employment. Her guidance overhauled my CV, shifting its focus to more relevant areas and putting greater emphasis on my skills and experiences. I have no doubt that her recommendations were crucial to the success of my applications.

She managed to secure several interviews for myself, however it was her advice following these that were among the most valuable of our interactions. She encouraged me to call following interviews. The questions that she then asked following these allowed for important self-reflection and evaluation that ensured that subsequent interviews were much improved. This was evidenced in my successful interview where I endeavoured to put into practice what we had discussed. This led to a calmer, more effective, and accomplished interview (a process with which I had struggled with previously) which resulted in my employment.

In summary, I have no doubt that Emily’s crucial advice concerning my CV, and important feedback regarding my interviews, was paramount to my eventual success. I cannot overstate my appreciation for her work and my support in her nomination. I cannot thank her enough for the work she did and I hope that her outstanding work is recognised by the Institute of Recruitment”

Analytical Scientist with a leading Biotechnology CDMO company, Supported by HRS in July 2018
“Ben has been a great asset to his company. Constantly providing updates where needed, offering useful tips and always being supportive on the other end of the phone, Ben showed a real understanding to what I was looking for in my next role and managed to match me perfectly to a job offering. I am pleased to say the whole process was slick, with Ben handling the plethora of questions I threw at him. Ben will go on to do great things in the world of recruitment, and his company should be very proud of him!”
Data Analyst, Leading Environmental Organisation, Supported by HRS in June 2018
“My first time working with Ricky was in the support of both my own career and recruiting into my team. Ricky came highly recommended through reputation from colleagues. This was evident in all my contact with Ricky and it was a real pleasure working with him throughout both processes. His approach was personal, engaging and passionate; it is clear he is committed to supporting science and helping those within it to achieve their full potential. Despite Ricky being tasked with a tough recruitment assignment, one not previously positioned by my team in the external market, he delivered strong short-list candidate options, one of which, happily, was recruited successfully. I also found myself being appointed as the new UK Government Chemist. I would recommend Ricky highly to others seeking senior science recruitment positions and look forward to working with him again”
UK Government Chemist support by HRS - June 2018
“It is my pleasure to recommend Emily Thom for the Institute of Recruitment Practice Awards. I first spoke with Emily in April 2018 when I applied for a graduate job. She gave me excellent advice for the interview that was tailored specifically to the role and was able to answer all questions I had. She also had a mock interview with me, making me feel at ease when the interview date arrived.

Throughout the process she kept in regular contact with me so I knew what was going on and when feedback was delayed she chased up the company on my behalf. She also helped me decide between two job offers and gave impartial advice. Once I had made my choice she then helped me with drafting my rejection letter to the other company. All in all, it was thanks to Emily’s excellent skills as a recruitment consultant that I was able to find a brilliant graduate job that I thoroughly enjoy. I would therefore recommend Emily for the IPA Award as without her skills I would not be working where I am.”

Biotechnologist with a leading Cell and Gene Therapy company, Supported by HRS in June 2018
“We have been working with Eve and Stuart at HRS for the last few months and can safely say the service, amount and quality of CV’s is excellent. All our positions have been filled quickly and they are very pleasant to deal with.”
Office Manager, Cell and Gene Therapy Biotechnology company, supported by HRS in May 2018
“Debra was incredibly helpful in assisting me with recruiting for 2 open positions. She sent me CVs which were well suited to the job descriptions advertised and referred candidates with exactly the skill sets required. It made the recruiting process go smoothly. Debra was always available for a call to discuss potential candidates and checked in with me to see if there was anything else she could do. I would recommend Debra and HRS for any future recruitment opportunities.”
Team Leader at a Leading CRO, Supported by HRS in May 2018
“Debra is an outstanding recruiting professional. I would like to take this opportunity to thank her for all the help and support she is providing in my job search. Debra keeps a regular follow up with any opportunity which is suitable for me. As a recruiter Debra maintained a highly professional approach. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Debra for anyone looking for a change of employment.”
Senior Research Scientist, Leading Biotechnology Company, Supported by HRS since May 2018
“Yes I have always felt supported by Rachel with regards to my employment. During the start of my employment the transition period was carried out smoothly with good communication from her and she helped me to set up access from everywhere. I have received prompt information with regards to my holidays and payroll information during my current employment. She kindly supplied me with an employment letter I needed to apply for a visa with all the relevant information included and posted a hard copy to me within a week of my request. I have really appreciated her guidance and support and recommend her to anyone who would like to work with her.”
Associate Scientist for a Leading Biologics Company, supported by HRS in November 2017
“I have been working with HRS and Rachel for over a year now.

Rachel was a very good source of information, making all the HR work supporting me. I can say that every problem or request I had was addressed within days, for example I have asked to stop my child care vouchers, and changed my mind two weeks later. Rachel herself made sure it will be done as fast as possible (Cancelling the vouchers and getting it back).

My salary was never delayed and I will recommend HRS as a professional company, and Rachel Smart herself as a caring and professional agent.

Thank you Rachel for all your support.”

Protein Purification Scientist for a Leading Biologics Company, supported by HRS in November 2017
“After being made redundant following 15 years of service with my previous employer, the prospect of finding my next role was daunting to say the least. Thankfully I found an amazing role within the first few weeks of my notice period and that is due in no small part to Hyper Recruitment Solutions, in particular Trishna Thakrar. Trishna understood my skill set from the get-go and put me forward for a great opportunity. She maintained regular dialogue with me throughout the process, even ensuring that whilst I was on vacation the first interview was arranged and waiting for me upon my return. I quickly trusted Trishna because she always did what she said she was going to do, whether that was simply following up with a phone call as promised or negotiating on my behalf. I always felt she had my best interests at heart and I can't thank or praise her enough.”
Finance Systems Consultant, leading EPM Consultancy, supported by HRS in June 2017
“Great service from Trishna, finally I am dealing with the recruiter that understands my market and what my company is doing. The profiles we are receiving hit the spot each time, we have found a perfect resource within a few weeks. We will definitely will use HRS again!”
Finance Systems Consultant, leading EPM Consultancy, supported by HRS in June 2017
“I have worked closely with Gordon on a recent Business Intelligence vacancy. He quickly understood our company culture, the candidate profile and the required and nice-to-have skills. The mix of those attributes and our budget were challenging but Gordon provided a group of candidates that matched our criteria. Some of those needs changed a little and were tweaking as I got what I asked for and sometimes not quite what I needed. Through an exchange of emails and listening to his input I managed to hone my requirements until I was 90% getting excellent candidates. One of which we have recently hired.

Recruiting is a time-consuming process and Gordon eased my workload by being patient, professional, approachable, honest and with an ability to source prospects that I was simply not getting from other agents in my pool. For him, the candidates were not just units of resource to sell but were people he was recommending and I value that approach. If you want a simple body shop that indiscriminately wheels CV's/bodies in front of you I'm sure he could do that too but it's not his instinct and not what I want. I totally recommend Gordon to anybody looking to recruit IT professionals.”

SQL BI Developer, leading, automotive consultancy, supported by HRS in June 2017
“I would like to say a big thank you to all at HRS for the lovely card that was waiting for me on my first day. Really nice. With the regards to the recruitment process, Eve was very thorough and professional at all times. She made sure I understood every aspect of the role and when I had questions, was very open to receiving them and getting the answers pretty quickly. In short, Eve made the whole process enjoyable and seamless. I will not hesitate to recommend her or HRS.”
R&D Project Manager, leading genomics facility (LGC), supported by HRS in May 2017
“I have worked with Megan over the past year in my current role. She understands our business and the type and calibre of people we are looking for. She provides me with excellent support in our recruitment needs and offers a professional and efficient service.”
HR Manager, leading CDMO pharma company, supported by HRS April 2017
“Thank you for all your help and support in securing this opportunity. Chris Sowden has been excellent in assisting me with this procedure and I have appreciated his advice greatly. I would like to bring to the attention of your superiors how grateful I am for your effort and am convinced that you are a genuine credit to your company and will help further their business in future. I also received the card from you and your team today which put a really big smile on my face and was unexpected! Shows you guys really do go the extra mile which is rare nowadays! Once again thanks ever so much for your input. On another note, I had no idea the owner of HRS was the guy from Apprentice! Makes it even better!”
QA Officer, Start Up Manufacturing company, supported by HRS in April 2017
“Eve is very professional and friendly at the same time. She has been fantastic in helping my find a new job. I got a lot of support and advice during my search and helped prepare me for interviews very thoroughly. She follow all the process and gave me a lot of support and advice also regarding the move from Italy to the UK. I truly had the best support from Eve, and I definitely recommend her.”
Senior Scientist at a leading Bio Pharma company, supported by HRS by April 2017
“Found me the perfect job instantly. Georgia St J Smith was fantastic to work with. As a recruiter she maintained a highly professional demeanour and was always very friendly, and found me the perfect job instantly! Georgia was quick to understand the kind of role I was looking for, recognising my strengths and putting me forward for exactly the right job. She was always there to help throughout the process. I definitely recommend her highly. She is professionally provided first class service to me. Thank you Georgia, I am very happy in my new job and I am grateful that you found my CV.”
Senior Scientist, supported by HRS in March 2017
“Despina is an outstanding recruiter. I would like to take this opportunity to thank her for your help and support in recruiting me to the position of Business Development Manager.

As a recruiter Despina maintained a highly professional approach. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Despina for anyone looking for a change of employment.”

Business Development Manager supported by HRS in March 2017
“Eve is an exceptionally talented Recruitment Manager and consultant. In addition to her detailed expertise and knowledge regarding the Biotechnology industry, Eve has excellent communication skills and is very personable. Throughout the recruitment process she continuously offered excellent advice and support. Eve genuinely cares about her clients and will do her upmost to ensure they are successful. To say she goes above and beyond in her role would be an understatement. Eve has my unstinting support and I am greatly indebted to her for helping me obtain my new position.”
Vaccine Development Manager supported by HRS in March 2017
“Trishna is a delight to work with. Her personality shines through every placement she fills. She has a knack of finding the right people which is powered by her deep understanding of both the sector she operates in and her client's needs. We will be using Trishna again! ”
Experienced Performance Management Consultant and Director, supported by HRS in February 2017
“Trishna is a delight to work with. Her personality shines through every placement she fills. She has a knack of finding the right people which is powered by her deep understanding of both the sector she operates in and her candidates's needs.
We will be using Trishna again!”

Experienced Performance Management Consultant and Director, supported by HRS in February 2017
“Connor is a great Recruitment Consultant. He helped me in obtaining my last role. During the selection process, Connor kept liaising with the company offices and he was a fount of information about the preparation before the interviews. He finds competitive strategies for addressing my queries and uses creative ways to turn concerns into open-speech opportunities. Connor is a skilled recruiter and I appreciated his professionalism.”
Clinical Application Specialist, supported by HRS in February 2017
“My experience in my new role has so far has been an amazing experience, the hustle and bustle of travelling to a multinational well-acclaimed pharmaceutical company has only been strengthened by the brilliant training and reception I've received so far. Everyone has been so welcoming and genuinely happy for my arrival. Nerves are out of the window and I've been taken in as a competent colleague already. I would just like to offer my thanks once again to Eve for her tireless effort and support throughout the whole recruitment process. Thank you very much for your excellent work.”
Technologist, supported by HRS in February 2017
“Eve was my primary contact at HRS when I got my current job. She was helpful, knowledgeable, approachable and most importantly contactable, always on the end of the phone and ready to help”
Senior Scientist, supported by HRS in January 2017
“Connor is a very professional person and recruiter who found me the perfect job instantly. He quickly understood my strengths and what I was looking for moving forward in a new job role. He supported me throughout the process. He called me to see how I was getting on and was prompt in always following up any matters. Within in hours of my interview I had a job offer. This is all due to a professional and first class service. Thank you Connor, I am very happy in my new job and I am grateful that you found my CV.”
Technical Assistant, supported by HRS in January 2017
“It was pleasure to work with Georgia through this phase of job hunting. She was extremely helpful throughout the process, listening to my requirements and preferences selecting roles for me that were ideal for what I was looking for.

She was very professional throughout, while still maintaining a relaxed, friendly demeanour which made her very easy to relate to and get along with.

She was excellent in keeping in contact, keeping me up to date with proceedings and was willing to go the extra mile to assist me in any way she could. Georgia's knowledge of the industry and relationships with companies was great, this is reflected by the short turn-around time I experienced and how this role ticked the key boxes I was hoping for in my new job. I would personally recommend contacting Georgia if you are currently seeking quality contract employment.”

Quality Assurance Specialists, supported by HRS in November 2016
“Georgia is extremely helpful and great to work with. As a recruitment consultant, she listens to and understands my requirements as a job seeker. I successfully started my contracting career, for an opportunity placed by Georgia. During the contract she kept in regular contact with myself to find out how I was getting along and took all feedback on board.

It's nice to have such a good relationship with a consultant who keeps in touch with you just to know how you’re getting along, during a contract and also when you’re looking for a new contract. I would highly recommend for any Quality contractors to get in touch with Georgia for her professionalism and also extremely friendly relationship. I hope to continue to work with Georgia throughout my contracting career.”

GMP Director, Supported by HRS in November 2016
“I have worked with Despina on a number of candidate recruitments now and have found her to be a highly competent and professional recruitment consultant. Despina has been an excellent support to our business and has been very successful in finding us the excellent candidates we require. She understands not just technically the background we require, but also the personal qualities that are important in the induvial we hire to ensure they fit with our business values and culture. This was the most recently demonstrated in two key hires that I made in both business development and marketing roles.

Despina was very quickly able to find a pool of credible candidates from which we have since employed two excellent individuals that have very quickly fitted into our business and are adding considerable value. I have been very happy with our working relationship with Despina and the service she provides and looking forward to continuing to work with her in the future as our business continues to grow.”

VP Commercial Operations, Pharmaceutical CDMO (supported by HRS in September 2016
“Greg provided recruitment services for the role of Designated Individual in early 2016. This was a potentially tricky recruitment as the role is very niche and requires candidates with a very specific and particular skill set. Greg was quick to understand the challenges with recruitment and provided a good set of candidates for us to select for interview. Greg helped set up the interviews and came to meet with us on the interview day to get feedback on the candidates and ensure the process was going smoothly.

From the interview we were able to select a candidate for the role. As the successful candidate had to make a significant personal move to a new area of the country we were able to work with Greg to set up a visit. Greg then provided support to both us and the successful candidate during the start-up processes. As a company we found Greg very easy to work with, he was very efficient and thorough, but not at all pushy (which can be rare in the recruitment business). He understood the unique challenges in the business and this was probably one of the main reasons he was able to find the right person for us.

The candidate could not speak more highly of Greg, and found him exceptional at keeping her up to date on the process and status of the application, whilst also being very supportive.”

Technical Director, supported by HRS in August 2016
“In mid-July 2016 I was suddenly made redundant from my position. I contacted Hyper Recruitment Solutions and spoke to Megan, discussing my situation with her. She was extremely helpful and courteous, and immediately found me a suitable position as a Senior Process Scientist and arranged an interview with them for the afternoon of 29 July. She then called me at 8am the next morning with the wonderful news that I had been successful. I have been with the company for seven months now and am really enjoying my job. I found Megan to be very helpful, professional and courteous. She found me a job that exactly matched my skills and experience for which I am extremely grateful. If it was not for Megan's help, I don't know where I would be now. Many Thanks Megan, keep up the excellent work!”
Senior Process Scientist supported by HRS in July 2016
“Despina had a refreshing approach full of energy and enthusiasm which filled me with confidence during the whole recruitment process. Her ability to carefully match myself to the right role was pivotal in getting me the job that I wanted and the right candidate for the employer. I wish more consultants would follow her lead as that would prevent time and effort being wasted for all parties involved. I would happily recommend Despina for recruitment projects as I know what she can deliver. She is a breath of fresh air in a very congested and robotic industry.”
European Key Account Manager Position, supported by HRS in June 2016
“Eve somehow has a sixth sense for what I'm looking for. I only seem to provide the sketchiest of outlines for a position and she always comes up with exactly what I need in the shortest time possible. Her communication skills are outstanding and I've seen her turn candidates from "maybe" to "very enthusiastic" on a few occasions now...without mis-selling a position. This is a rare skill. In short, she's probably the best recruitment consultant I've ever worked with.”
VP of Science and Technology Development (leading life Sciences company) supported by HRS in May 2016
“Megan is highly professional and helped me as soon as I sent my CV. She helped me with the interview of my current company by organising it and by giving me some tips (how to reply to questions, posture, etc). Megan also contacted me on regular basis (every week) to let me know of other opportunities, interview feedback, and if I needed help for my job research of relocating, even when I started my induction week!”
Production Chemist at a leading pharmaceutical company, supported by HRS in May 2016
“I have been living in the UK for nearly six years and I have changed jobs and attended many job interviews before using other recruitment consultancies. I have found professional and less professional recruiters but my experience with Despina was more than satisfactory: I found a great job, the process was really smooth and she acted more as a coaching than a recruiter. She found time to meet me and help me improve my CV and apply only for jobs that were the right fit for me. During the process she offered support and direction but she is not pushy as with previous experiences. I have recently recommended her to some of my former colleagues as I think she is extremely professional and efficient.”
Business Development Executive, supported by HRS in May 2016
“Just over a year ago, I received a telephone call from Megan, when she called me describing a fantastic career opportunity which matched my expectations at the time. Back in Feb 2016, Megan brought me in contact with my current employer through a series of telephone calls, which resulted in a successful telephone interview, followed by a personal interview at the company site. I was very pleased with Megan's support in my application because she was always very clear in the information provided and also gave me some very useful advice. Megan was my point of contact. Her professionalism and dedication contributed to my success in getting the interviews and eventually this job. Therefore, I strongly recommend Megan's support and advice as a recruitment consultant.”
Analytical Chemist at a leading pharmaceutical company, supported by HRS in February-March 2016
“I have worked with Trishna a couple of times and throughout both of those times she has displayed the upmost professionalism as well as a genuine desire to help me succeed in the job market. She has excellent contacts and she never failed to find new opportunities for me, whenever I asked. She understands the market I am in and how it works to such a high standard that she was able to provide me with an excellent position, one which matched my job requirements perfectly. Trishna is fantastic at her job and after working with her my career is all the richer.”
TM1 Consultant, supported by HRS in February 2016
“Ricky and his team are very knowledgeable of the industry and a great professionals to work with. They really look to understand your needs and career objective thus ensuring suitable roles are discussed. Throughout the process Ricky and his team were always approachable, prompt and supportive. They offered invaluable advice and guidance through all the interview stages, and was instrumental in positioning me with my current employer. I strongly recommend Ricky and HRS, a recruitment consultant and company who really does go the extra mile for their candidates – thank you!”
Senior Gene Therapy / Tissue Engineering Professional supported by HRS in February 2016
“I have found Despina to be a talented and tenacious recruiter. She shows an excellent knowledge of her industry, is quick to question and absorb information resulting in finding good quality candidates. Despina is a very efficient intermediary, she ensures both the company and the candidate are kept up-to-date. This is a very important part of the relationship particularly when it’s a more protracted recruitment process. Despina has managed to establish a strong relationship within a short period of time.”
HR Manager, supported by HRS in January 2016
“Megan is an extremely helpful and very kind professional, she assisted me in finding new employment very quickly and secured a very good starting salary working for a company who is looking after me very well and I’m fortunate to work with a group of wonderful people and the best manager you can imagine. All thanks to Megan.”
Senior QC Analyst at leading pharma company, supported by HRS January 2016
“Despina recently helped me to secure my latest role. She was professional, helpful and easy to contact throughout. I'm so pleased that she spotted my CV and went the extra mile to contact me, at a point when I was starting to lose all hope of finding my dream job. Some recruiters had contacted me before but had not thoroughly read my CV or understood my situation, others didn't manage to find a job within my (almost impossible) requirements. I was not willing to relocate from Cornwall and wanted to make a transition from lab to sales, but this was no challenge for Despina.”
Sales position, supported by HRS in January 2016
“Patrick has gone above and beyond in assisting securing a graduate job to begin my career. Not only did he find a suitable position for myself but supported me through the entire process, providing advice, guidance and feedback. The communication has been fantastic and personal.”
QA Auditor placed by HRS in August 2015
“I found dealing with Hyper Recruitment Solutions a breath of fresh air. During my very first conversation with Ben, he took the time to not just listen my motivations in looking for a new role, but understand them as well. This meant that when Ben did approach me with a role, we both knew that it would have a good chance of it being of interest. I find it frustrating when recruitment consultants bombard me with unsuitable positions on a regular basis because they happen to see something vaguely similar on my CV that I have experience in; there is no personal feel to that - it feels more like mass marketing.

HRS however are different, throughout the recruitment process I felt like I was receiving a tailored, professional service which put my own interests first, and I had confidence that Ben was representing me to his clients in the way that I wanted. I am pleased to recommend HRS to anyone looking for a new role, or wanting to find someone for a role themselves; they will definitely be the first company I call when I am looking for another position.”

Senior Service Engineer supported by HRS in June 2015
“I would highly recommend Hyper Recruitment to any budding science and technology professionals. As consultants they are one of the most professional organisations I have worked with, providing support and credible advice when needed with the development of my career.”
Characterisation Scientist (contractor) supported by HRS from July 2014 – June 2015
“I owe a lot of thanks and praise of HRS as a recruitment company. Helping me find this job has quite literally changed my life and set me up for what I can see as a positive future career path.”
Senior Development Scientist (contractor) supported by HRS in May 2015
“I would like to thank Patrick and the HRS team for seeking me out and taking the time to discuss how best you could support me and for introducing a range of interesting and relevant job opportunities. I appreciate the time invested to understand my requirements and your persistence on my behalf. Your knowledge about the business and position in question, as well as the interview process helped me to have a positive experience with a positive outcome. I would like to thank HRS and Patrick once again and I shall recommend you to anyone I know who would benefit from your resources and excellent assistance.”
Development Chemist placed by HRS in April 2015
“Patrick Buckler has been very helpful and informative every step of the way from the initial application process through the interview preparation and finally getting me ready to secure the new job. He is always readily available and I will gladly recommend Patrick and HRS to any of my friends/colleagues. Thank you for the great work.”
Process Engineer placed by HRS in February 2015
“I am a Senior Research Scientist who has been working in the pharmaceutical industry for long time. I have never worked with an agency before and over the last six months I was working for HRS as one of their contractor’s at a leading Biopharmaceutical R&D company. I was amazed by the support and help that I received by all at HRS staff specially Ricky. He is always keen to make sure I was supported by both agency and employer. It has been a good experience. I will definitely recommend anyone to HRS as a recruitment consultancy.”
Senior Screening Scientist – Contractor supported by HRS from September 2014 – February 2015
“A highly professional, efficient, no nonsense approach to recruitment. Staff were very knowledgeable and understanding with regards my personal attributes and capabilities. The company was adept at rapidly identifying a great match with my skill set; I have gained a position with the potential to develop myself and my employer further. Absolutely flawless service, I would highly recommend HRS, working for 15 years in the pharmaceutical industry this was by far the best interaction I have had with a recruiter. Recruiting excellence and I wish you all the very best for the future.”
Quality Assurance & Compliance Specialist placed by HRS in January 2015
“My situation was unusual when I applied for a contract role with HRS as I was coming to the end of a gap year travelling around Asia. In fact, my first call with Ricky took place next to a street food stall on a remote Thai island. My circumstances and location were not an issue for HRS and they demonstrated a professional and systematic approach, with utmost flexibility – from regular progress emails to sorting out awkward interview logistics and eventually signing the contact on the same Thai island. Once I had swapped my sarong and flip flips for office attire, the level of service continued to the same consistently high level. I feel really fortunate to have worked for HRS in my current role and I appreciate that opportunities like this do not often come up. I am heading off again soon to resume my volunteer work but I will definitely stay in touch with the folks at HRS and I’ll be checking their listings when home beckons.”
Project QA Manager – Consultant supported by HRS from April 2014 – January 2015
“Working with Hyper recruitment has been a fantastic experience. From the moment I submitted my CV I was kept informed throughout the application process and felt I always had a contact whom I could seek advice from. The personal touches such as a good luck phone call and congratulations card really make them stand out. I would not hesitate to recommend them!”
Senior Bioassay Scientist placed by HRS in December 2014
“It was a great pleasure to work with the team at HRS and have Ricky Martin as my direct contact. In a short amount of time he arranged two real interviews and guided me nicely throughout all of the process. Thanks to Ricky's professionalism and all of his other colleagues, who I interacted with on an ad hoc basis, I was successful in my second interview and got a fantastic job. Ricky was able to look outside of just my CV to suggest more than just one relevant role, which from my side made the process of job hunting that much easier.”
Analytical Development Scientist (MS) placed by HRS in November 2014
“HRS and Ricky Martin have been very professional, friendly and supportive in helping me find a job and I have felt they are the first genuine recruitment agency I have come across. The level of service I received did not change once I was placed in the job vacancy and they have always made time to speak to me if I have had any questions. I have been very impressed with their speed and efficiency and would recommend this recruitment agency to anyone requiring a focused, knowledgeable, approachable and highly organised team to successfully help them with their next career move.”
Research Scientist in Cellular Screening (contractor) placed by HRS in November 2014
“Eve Hegarty from HRS contacted me to inform whether I was interested in a potential job that corresponded with my working experience and relevant skills. At first I was slightly sceptic, due to previous experiences with recruitment agencies that went haywire. However, Eve was exceptionally professional and outstandingly skilled. She matched me with a large pharmaceutical company and within several weeks we came to a mutual understanding and I accepted their offer. Even after Eve “fulfilled her job”, she stayed in touch to assure that all went well. I am very grateful to Eve and HRS and I definitely recommend them if you are looking for a job.”
Senior Scientist (Biologics) placed by HRS in October 2014
“HRS has been very extremely helpful in helping me find a job! During early days of looking for a job they have been able to suggest more suitable jobs than the ones I initially applied for. They have great members of staff which have provided me with excellent support during the whole application process. I would definitely recommend HRS to any of my friends/family that would be looking for employment. Eve Hegarty was my main point of contact throughout the HRS relationship and I would highly recommend.”
Graduate Trainee placed by HRS in October 2014
“I was contacted directly by Eve Hegarty from HRS who interviewed me for potential opportunities. Following this we kept in frequent contact, but it was only ever essential communication to progress towards finding a job, without taking up too much of my time which is in short supply. Whenever I needed advice I always got a response instantly. I am very grateful for the smooth and professional service I received from HRS as I had a positive experience and they all helped me to cope with stress associated with the job change.”
Study Director placed by HRS in September 2014
“I would like to thank Ricky Martin. In our dealings, he was fair, honest, friendly, professional, and thoughtful. He communicated clearly what was required of me at each stage of the recruitment process, and managed my expectations masterfully. This was the most enjoyable and painless recruitment processes I have experienced. I would recommend HRS to anyone, and I can personally recommend working with Ricky Martin.”
Business Analyst placed by HRS in August 2014
“Robin Craig from HRS really understood what I was looking for from a job and supported my move into capital sales. His ability to fit me into a company that is perfectly suited culturally was incredible. HRS are more than simply a recruitment agency they really care about the companies they represent and the people they place. Thank you so much Robin.”
Territory Manager (Medical Devices) placed by HRS in July 2014
“I was searching for a new job, having been made redundant, and a former colleague recommended HRS to me. I have been very impressed with the service given by Vikesh and Hyper Recruitment. Through talking with his employer contacts, Vikesh identified an opportunity that would suit me based on what I had told him previously. This position had not been advertised. Vikesh supported me well throughout the interview and negotiation process. I was delighted to get this position with the perfect job description for the salary I was seeking in a location that was ideal. I would strongly recommend Hyper Recruitment Solutions to any scientist seeking their next career move.”
Lead Formulation Scientist Placed by HRS in July 2014
“My experience with HRS and in particular Vikesh Govind has been extremely pleasant. Vikesh has been helpful, polite with nice manners and more importantly was not pushing me to look at jobs, which I liked and appreciated very much. I would most definitely recommend HRS as the recruitment industry does have varying standards, but I would confidently say that HRS has been very diplomatic and professional and of high standard. This is very important and more so they will assist in anyway they can to help out during the recruitment process. I would certainly recommend HRS to young professional scientists up there who are looking to grow and develop their careers.”
Senior Analytical Scientist placed by HRS in July 2014
“I recently applied for two senior biopharmaceutical positions through Hyper Recruitment Solutions and I can say, without a shadow of doubt, that they were the most helpful, caring recruitment agency I have come across. Nothing was too difficult and they constantly kept you informed throughout the job application process, even when one application was unsuccessful. Thanks to them I now have a new senior role that is proving challenging and enjoyable.”
Senior Principal Scientist / Associate Director (Biologics) placed by HRS in June 2014
“At a time when I felt like career options for a recent graduate in science were slim, HRS provided a friendly and efficient service to finding work. The turnover time between applying for the job and getting the interview was very punctual, during which time I had clear and helpful advice as to what to expect from the work and how to approach the interview. At every point in the interview process I felt like I had support, all the way through until now (beginning my 8th week of agency work). I am hugely grateful for the opportunity that HRS has provided me with my first proper job and will not hesitate to commend how
professional and helpful they have been as a recruitment agency.”

Method Development Scientist (Contractor) – on Assignment since May 2014
“I recently had a unique and wonderful experience with Hyper Recruitment compared with other job agencies. There are four key issues that I believe are important:
  • Keeping promises
  • Being approachable
  • Providing useful information for interview preparation
  • Positive attitude
With Hyper Recruitment I had a very positive experience, which included a complete and detailed information regarding the with comments to think through about my previous job which allowed me to prepare for my upcoming interview. During this process the Ricky was extremely positive and supportive and always kept his promises. When he said he will get back to me he did, but not only with a reply to my questions, but he would make the effort to go that extra mile to recommend the best approach to take in different situations. Constructive feedback after an interview is definitely a rare thing these days, but Ricky made the extra effort to enquire on my behalf the results and feedback from my interview and then recommend to me how to approach future interviews. In conclusion, I would recommend Hyper Recruitment to everyone as I had a fantastic experience with them
and I would like to take this opportunity to wish them ever success in the future.”

Senior Business Analyst Supported by HRS in May 2014
“I found Robin Craig of HRS to be extremely professional and courteous. I was extremely impressed by his promptness, efficiency, professionalism and follow up, as well as always providing a friendly service. Not only did he help me find suitable employment, but he also provided me with assistance before, during and after the interviewing process. Good recruitment consultants are difficult to find, so once you find one as good as Robin, you appreciate them a lot more! I have no hesitation in recommending him and HRS to other people looking for work. ”
Territory Manager placed by HRS in June 2014
“My experience with HRS was amazing. Everybody made me feel you have something to bring, you are not only one candidate among others. I really appreciated that the answers from the questions I asked them were accurate and sent quickly. Ricky and his team were very professional and supportive. They established a perfect connection between me and the company. Before the interview, I got all the information and tips I needed to make the interview as easy as possible. I highly recommend everybody looking for a job to contact HRS.”
Principle Scientist (Life Sciences) - Supported by HRS in May 2014
“I recently worked closely with HRS interacting closely with both Robin Craig and Ricky Martin. Throughout my project I very much enjoyed working with the business and I appreciated the professionalism, pragmatism and honesty clearly demonstrated. Most importantly we ended up recruiting a very good candidate from a small global talent pool. Good luck to HRS as I look forward to meeting and working with you again.”
Director of International Business Development – Leading Healthcare company based throughout the EU. April 2014
“I found Hyper Recruitment to be, by far, the best recruitment agency I have worked with to date. Tim was professional, knowledgeable and went above and beyond to ensure I was well prepared for my interviews. HRS also served as a great intermediary between myself and the company and maintained a great level of contact (Tim always made himself available to either answer my calls or promptly return them). I would certainly use Tim and HRS again and highly recommend this agency to all job seekers.”
Innovation Consultant Supported by HRS in April 2014
“HRS did a fantastic work to help me find a job in my chosen profession as a CRA. Ricky and the team strongly guided me and supported me at every step of the way, which made me feel more confident during the interviews. Thanks to HRS, finding a job became less of a struggle. I am very grateful to Ricky Martin for that and I strongly recommend HRS as a recruitment agency.”
Clinical Research Associate Placed by HRS in March 2014
“I want to thank Vikesh and all at HRS for all the effort they put into getting me a great job. Vikesh delivered a professional yet friendly service while keeping me informed and prepared throughout the entire application process. I highly recommend using HRS; they are by far the best recruitment agency I have ever come across.”
DMPK Scientist placed by HRS in February 2014
“I found the HRS team to be extremely professional. Their consultants took the time to not only understand my specific needs in searching for a new role, but also my career history, experience and personnel goals, enabling a much richer and more individual job search. Too often recruitment agencies are simply content with receiving a CV in order to place candidates, HRS do not do this. You are left feeling that they are a fully supportive team member in your new career path.”
Global Quality Manager supported by HRS in January 2014
“Ricky Martin is the most motivated recruiter I have come across. He was able to provide me opportunities that were not even advertised yet and as a result when it came to decision time I had multiple good opportunities to choose from. I was impressed by the depth of the work he carried out on my behalf and kept me well informed about each opportunity all through the process. I would not hesitate to reach out to Ricky and Hyper Recruitment Solutions if I needed to find another job or use him as my own recruiter in future.”
Product Development Manager supported by HRS in November 2013
“HRS and Ricky Martin especially put a lot of time in emphatically understanding my personal position, they acted as a completely effective bridge between myself and the company I was eventually successful with. HRS identified I was the right fit for the job at a early stage and time has proven them to be correct. HRS maintained an excellent level of contact throughout the process and were either always available or would promptly get back in contact with me. It really did seem like I was not just a number going through the system unlike at some other agencies. I would like to express my appreciation and thanks to Ricky Martin and HRS for all their efforts and I would 100% recommend them to any prospect job searcher.”
MI Analyst placed by HRS in October 2013
“I was contacted by Ricky Martin regarding an application I had made for a position in SE England. Ricky immediately came across as a genuine person who was interested to find out more about my career aspirations both short and long term and took a considerable amount of time to understand my experience and personal situation. I have been very impressed by the professionalism shown by Ricky and his team, although a relatively new company they do not lack for skilled information or speed of reply to any enquiries or questions. Many thanks Ricky for the time you have taken and the sound advice you shared with me. I would not hesitate to use HRS again or recommend to others.”
Operations Director supported by HRS in August 2013
“Our first experience using HRS has been extremely successful. Ben Hamlin has been exceptionally helpful, conscientious and passionate about finding the right employee to fill our vacancy. He is dedicated and reliable and always follows up on any commitments made. Ben has taken all the leg work out of sifting through hundreds of CVs and all the candidates who were interviewed had relevant experience and were suitable for the role. I would be happy to recommend HRS to anyone looking to recruit new staff, they really have been great!”
Head of Life Sciences – Leading Life Science company in the South East, UK September 2013
“Having worked with HRS on a very specific role within our organisation, I was pleasantly surprised on the shortlisted candidates I received. The service I received from HRS was fast, professional and efficient which allowed us to fill the placement quickly, considering the role’s specific criteria.”
Finance Manager – Leading Life Science company in South East, UK - March 2013
“My experiences of HRS are all positive so far. They manage expectations very well and their customer service support is honest, professional and always proactive. Please, Please keep it up. They are a supplier that never fails to deliver and will not let you down.”
Head of HR - LGC Genomics - March 2013
“A responsive, efficient and approachable business, that worked hard to achieve our supply needs, even at times where last minute additions were added to the scope of work required. Although HRS is a relatively new business, the professionalism and standards shown from their consultants who have been in recruitment for many years have exceeded our expectations, resulting in using HRS as our preferred supplier.”
Head of Site – Leading Pharmaceutical company in North West, UK - February 2013
“Thank you again for all of your help. I would just like to say that I was very pleased with the excellent service I received from HRS. It is obvious that you care about the candidates and make a great effort to understand their background, and I have highly recommended you and your company to my work colleagues. ”
PhD Biochemist support by HRS in July 2013
“Hyper understands the symbiotic relationship between world-class clients and star candidates. Meets both their needs on a right first time basis.”
Head of Quality and QP supported by HRS in April 2013
“I'd been in the late stages of job hunting when I received a call from Ben Hamlin from HRS with a potential position he felt closely matched my skills and experience. Having had a strong prospect of a job offer from another attractive company, I initially had reservations about pursuing this new position. However, after reading the job spec and heeding some great advice from Ben he submitted my CV for consideration and within hours had secured me an interview. Following the interview a few days later I felt more excited and positive than at any other point during my job hunt and within a week I'd accepted a job offer than significantly exceeded my expectations.

Thank you to Ben (and the HRS team) for your effort in finding such a great position, your excellent advice and support pre and post-interview, your speed and efficiency throughout the process and for helping reduce much of the stress that generally accompanies job hunting!”

Pharmaceutical Production Manager placed by HRS in March 2013
“With "a time to change job" attitude, I began searching for a new role to step up my career. I came across a job role which sounded ideal that was being supported by HRS. After applying, I quickly received a call from HRS to discuss in more detail my skills, experience and what sort of career step up I was looking for, after which it was agreed my CV would be submitted for consideration. I had lots of updates throughout the process via email and telephone. After I was accepted for interview, HRS sent lots of information for me to review that would help my thought process before I went in to be interviewed. This proved to be extremely helpful. Eventually I had the call from HRS with feedback and was delighted when I was told that I was successful. I had lots of information discussed, such as starting date, to which they were very understandable that I had to give notice in my previous role. In summary I felt HRS differed from other recruitment agencies, with a more personal feel to the conversations and felt this company provided me more information than other agencies. I would to thank Ricky and the HRS team for all their work and would highly recommend them to any candidate.”
Analytical Chemist placed by HRS in March 2013
“I recently applied for a technical position on the HRS website which they were supporting. I was successful in my application and unfortunately could not take the job due to personal circumstances. I would like to thank Ricky and all at HRS for being quick and efficient in providing me with answers to my questions and feedback from the prospective employer. Ricky who was my consultant throughout was always upbeat and easy to deal with. He also managed to contact me despite time constraints in my availability and did his best to keep me informed of the latest developments. I found the tips and interview questions provided very useful as they helped me efficiently prepare for the two interviews I attended. I would like to thank Ricky and his team at HRS for his help and support and I am still hopeful that HRS will find my ideal job for my next career move. From my side I would not hesitate to recommend HRS’ services to any job seeker and look forward to working with them again.”
Senior Technical Writer supported by HRS in February 2013
“As a candidate I was delighted with the service that I received from HRS and specifically from Ricky Martin. Ricky initially invested a lot of time and energy understanding what my requirements and constraints were as a candidate. Throughout the recruitment process we had regular contact – Ricky and all of his team at HRS will always go out of their way to speak with you when you need them and bring a great sense of personal commitment to the process. I am already using HRS to recruit people into my new team which is the highest recommendation.”
Head of Development placed by HRS in November 2012
“I have just recently used Hyper Recruitment Solutions, with Ricky Martin as our main account manager. So far the recruitment process has been up to my standards, he has picked up the understanding of our business very quickly, which makes recruiting so much easier on my part. Although this has been a very short term business partnership so far, I look forward to reaping the rewards of the high standards that Ricky has proposed to me
and developing a long term relationship with all at HRS.”

HR Manager – Leading Biotechnology company in the South East - November 2012
“I recently finished Sixth Form and upon entering the job market I realised how under-prepared our academic institutions left us upon graduating. My first contact with Hyper Recruitment Solutions (HRS) was when I applied for an apprenticeship and thanks to Ricky Martin and his team I was introduced to the world of work with all the help and support I required. This made the whole experience a lot less intimidating and as I felt in control. Due to their passion and experience in the field I went to my interview feeling confident and aware. Yet by far the biggest impression HRS made on me was their ability of keeping a balance between showing personal interest while remaining professional and constructive which is a rare quality that I've found many strive for but few attain. ”
Scientific Apprentice placed by HRS in October 2012
“Hyper Recruitment Solutions were a very pleasant company to deal with. Not only did they support me throughout the whole recruitment process, they provided me with excellent tips and information to help my chances of success through both my CV and at interview. I highly recommend this company as they are not only professional but are friendly and very easy to communicate with.”
Scientific Apprentice placed by HRS in October 2012
“My experience with Hyper Recruitment Solutions (HRS) as a recent graduate has been brilliant. Ricky kept me well informed throughout the whole process. Any concerns or questions I had were answered rapidly and in times where graduates are easily and often dismissed by recruitment companies - it came across that Ricky and everybody else I spoke with at HRS were genuinely interested in helping me find employment. I'm very grateful I now have my first graduate job in my area of expertise thanks to Ricky and his team!”
Graduate Scientist placed by HRS in September 2012
“HRS with Ricky as my consultant helped me find employment quickly, after I lost my job in the last few months. He and his team were very prompt and supportive when it comes to responding to any all of my calls regarding this and other potential jobs, making the overall process so simple. A good thing about Ricky is the way he motivates others, to get the job done efficiently and quickly. Thanks Ricky and I hope you will help me again in the future.”
Senior Scientist placed by HRS in September 2012

Other Testimonials

“Arctic Fox Events have assisted Hyper Recruitment Solutions with sourcing venues for their events, we love the energy and buzz of their ever professional and growing company! It is always a pleasure to deal with the team at HRS and we look forward to an ongoing relationship with them.” Aimee Harvey, Director of Arctic Fox Events, February 2020
“We have been working with Ricky Martin and Hyper Recruitment Solutions for a number of years now, and it has been great to watch the company grow into the dynamic and highly successful enterprise that it is today. It is always great to discuss new ideas with the HRS team, and they are unfailingly helpful and professional when we’re putting those ideas into action.”
Jason Fortt, Managing Director of Designer Websites - January 2019
“It’s a great privilege to be a part of Hyper Recruitment Solutions’ ongoing growth. All of us here on the Designer Websites SEO team have very much enjoyed getting to know the company and what they do, and both Ricky and Sandy are always a great help no matter what we’re working on.”
Joel Dear, Marketing Executive at Designer Websites - March 2018
“The Designer Websites team have assisted Hyper Recruitment Solutions with a wide variety of projects over the years – in addition to designing and developing their website, we have also created an online quiz, provided videos and graphics for social media, helped them to optimise their job listings, and crafted interactive pages on a number of different topics. Throughout all of these undertakings, Ricky and his team have been consistently professional and highly responsive. They’re a great company to work with.”
Jenna Francis, Project Manager at Designer Websites - March 2017
“We invited Ricky to speak at our BioProNET Early Career Researcher Event. He gave a keynote presentation that was engaging, informative and — in the right places — amusing. Moreover he understood the scientific background of the audience and tailored his speech so that it was relevant to them. Not only that, but he gave a snapshot presentation on what makes a good CV, offered delegates one-to one CV advice in a CV clinic and engaged in informal discussions over dinner. Feedback from attendees was hugely positive, and we’ve convinced that Ricky’s participation was key to the event’s success.”
BioPronet (a BBSRC NIBB co-sponsored by EPSRC) Young Researchers Conference in September 2015
“Ricky’s account of his journey since leaving Crofton School was truly inspirational and very timely to the young people at the start of their GCSE studies.

His passion for science and its potential to improve lives that have been affected by genetic disorders was communicated in an honest, thought-provoking and engaging way.”

Crofton School in association with J4G in September 2015
“Ricky has been very supportive of MindTorch (a mentoring organisation for scientists). He gave a very inspiring and engaging talk at our recent seminar about science careers to Life Science/Medical students, Scientists & Medical doctors. His passion for science and scientific careers was infectious, and we were intrigued by his serendipitous career journey. Our delegates also learnt subtle ways of building a professional network. In all, Ricky was very humble and gracious with his time networking with delegates after the seminar.”
Founder of MindTorch at Kings College London in June 2014
“Ricky spoke with our biological science students and alumni at a ten-year reunion event at the Royal Veterinary College. Hearing about his career to date and lessons learned along the way was of enormous benefit to the audience. Ricky went the extra mile and spent time networking with the students well into the evening – his charisma, engaging personality and experience were greatly valued by our students and alumni. He presented the various options scientists can follow in their career which helped to broaden everybody’s minds to the vast possibilities.”
Royal Veterinary College – June 2013
“The audience attending the IRP and NACUE event listened intently to Ricky explain his background before the Apprentice and life as an entrepreneur. Ricky’s passion for top quality service and first class standards inspired these budding stars to discuss their future careers and entrepreneurial ideas. Ricky was extremely engaging and interactive with his talk and in doing so was able to create an environment where people where happy to open up their honest thoughts with him.”
Head of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals (IRP), Richard Charnock – March 2013
“Following a recent talk at Portsmouth Grammar School on the topic of careers our pupils were fully engaged with Ricky who spoke passionately and honestly whilst giving interesting and thoughtful answers to all questions asked. He was able to strike-up a natural rapport with pupils and they found him both entertaining and approachable. What was also impressive is the time he took after the talk to chat with pupils individually and answer any outstanding queries they had.

Ricky has a clear passion for supporting science and careers for the future which makes him an excellent speaker for Business Studies pupils of all ages.”

Headmaster of Portsmouth Grammar School – January 2013
“Ricky is a highly professional businessman. Working with Ricky I found that although he holds a formidable understanding of and connection with the Scientific industry, Ricky continues to learn and build upon what he already knows, which is more than most within his niche. For businesses looking to recruit professionals within the scientific domain and strong candidates seeking a thorough and honest consultant, I highly recommend Ricky and Hyper Recruitment Solutions. As well as delivering to the highest of standards, Ricky gets the best out of those lucky enough to work with him.”
John Edwards, Sales and Team Lead at KeyApps – December 2012
“I have worked very closely with Ricky in helping him with the launch of Hyper Recruitment Solutions and he has a clear passion for Science & Professional Recruitment. His knowledge is 2nd to none and he is 100% committed to the cause and will never leave any stone unturned. He is focused and driven on delivering the right customer experience and giving his clients exactly what they need, I have no doubt he will make his dream a total success. I look forward to working with him in the future and watching his business flourish.”
Trevor Howard, Sales Executive at Premier Print & Promotions Ltd - November 2012
“Over the last few months working with such an inspiring, enthusiastic person has been a pleasure and has made the collaboration between our two companies an easy process. Ricky exudes passion and commitment for his work, always having a positive and proactive attitude and of course a huge smile.”
Toni Moon, Commercial Sales Executive at the Royal Society of Chemistry - October 2012
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