You’ve graduated with a degree in data science! What happens now?

Once you’ve thrown your graduation cap into the air and enjoyed the celebrations, the next step in your journey is to find a job in a relevant field that will help you to start climbing that career ladder.

As a data science graduate, you are no doubt equipped with a broad range of skills that allow you to deal with large amounts of data and statistics – a highly sought-after ability in all sorts of industries! Whether it’s predicting business trends or analysing scientific results, there’s bound to be a data science role that appeals to you.

What industries can you works in with a data science degree?

Your data science degree will give you quite a bit of freedom on the job market, but when you’re looking for a job, it’s helpful to have a specific industry in mind. The Hyper Recruitment solutions team will gladly talk you through current data science vacancies!

Here are a few of the most data science job roles:

Scientific Data Analyst Carrers

Scientific Data Analyst

Working closely with a team of scientists, you will analyse and interpret data from scientific tests and experiments. Your findings may aid the creation of new technology and materials.

Healthcare Data Analyst

As a healthcare data analyst, you’ll gather and interpret data from a range of sources to improve the quality of care and patient experience.

Data Architect

Using your extensive knowledge of computing, you will design and build applications for continual data analysis. This will provide infrastructure to analyse data in an automated way.

Machine Learning Scientist

In this role, you will build tools to predict trends in patterns in data. The software you build will help to deliver consistently accurate and in-depth results.

Financial Data Analyst

As a data analyst in a financial sector, you’ll provide insightful financial reports for your employer. These reports will aid them as they make decisions related to funding and investments.

Key requirements of most Biochemistry Jobs:

Problem-solving skills
Working to deadlines
Communication and presentation skills
Attention to detail
Planning and time management
Average Salary
£22,000 - £60,000
Typical Working Hours
37 to 39 per week
All statistics provided by the National Careers Service

Developing your career in data science

One thing’s for certain: working in any data science field you will strengthen your analytical skills (and patience) exponentially! Some companies offer data science graduate training schemes, which will allow you to build your knowledge of their business and the type of analysis you’ll be expected to do for them.

You might, after a few years in industry, decide to further your understanding of data science by taking a postgraduate qualification in a more specialised area of your industry, be it science, finance or healthcare.

Current Data Science Vacancies

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